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I really like music. Both listening to it and playing it. I am an amateur musician. I'm just starting to produce my own music in Logic Pro. I honestly do like being alone a lot of the time. I like to meditate, I enjoy being chill. Just kicking back and watching movies and tv shows. Quarantine life has pretty much become normal life. Before COVID I liked going to shows, and traveling. Mostly to other cities. I've barely been to Canada and Mexico. I do have my passport and want to travel once it's safe to do so. I like to cook and make food. I don't cook as much as I used to but I enjoy it and I think I am pretty good at it. Big fan of sandwiches though! I'm into esoteric spirituality and LOA and things like that. I like to make music, take pictures on iPhone and make videos. I play video games sometimes, but honestly not very often. I like being fit and work out pretty often.


I grew up on 90's r&b and hip hop on the radio. Then I got into "alternative" music on the radio. I became obsessed with Nine Inch Nails and discovered industrial. Then started getting into electronic music, mostly drum n bass. Around this same time, I was into nu metal. Stuff like Korn and Deftones. Then my friend Sasha introduced me to emo. About a year later I became a scene kid. I definitely listened to a lot of emo for awhile but simultaneously was getting into metal. First post metal and then doom metal and black metal. I listened to that stuff for a lot of years. Then I started getting into more pop music. These days I pretty much listen to almost all EDM. I love future bass a lot as a genre but lately has been getting a bit played out because it's everywhere. I like hip hop and r&b, both the new stuff and the older stuff. I like ambient music and weird spacey things. I like jazz and funk. I still really love 90's music. I love the kind of music that gives me chills. That's the best kind. Bands I like in no particular order: Kimbra, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Kendrick Lamar, HONNE, Neurosis, Say Anything, Father John Misty, Alina Baraz, alt-J, Deafheaven, The Appleseed Cast, Ariana Grande, The Avalanches, Taylor Swift.


I just watched the anime movie, Your Name and I was blown away. The Matrix was a foundational movie for me. The Truman Show and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind are both phenomenal movies. Inception and TENET. I like movies that challenge my brain a little bit.


Shameless (US) is fantastic. I tried watching the UK version but just couldn't get into it. Breaking Bad is still an old favorite. Still love South Park sometimes with relevant social commentary always. The Office and Parks and Rec. Community is dope until the last season. Anthony Bourdain anything. I also watch a ton of YouTube if you can consider that to be television.


Gnostic philosophy books. Books about spirituality. I have a bookshelf of books but I barely read them. I mostly read things online. I do have an audible membership and often listen to books.


Those who overcome negativity and become the best version of themselves.

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About me:

I'm Yesh! I'm 37 and live in Spokane, WA. I have been working for a famous fruit company for nine years. I joined MySpace back in February of 2004 I think. I think a friend of mine in California got me to sign up. It was my first social network! I got deep into the music scene in 2005 and was pretty much a scene kid for most of my time on MySpace. Then Facebook came and the mass migration. I went along with them. I'm pretty stoked that spacehey has appeared! I like that it's a throwback but it's modern. Honestly have wanted a site like this for a minute!

Honestly, due to this year life for me is pretty tame. I believe in science and that the pandemic is real. So I have been socially distancing since March pretty much. I live with some awesome housemates and we have a small group of friends that we sometimes hang out with, but I'm masked up anytime I'm in public. So I haven't had a lot of social interaction this year! I'm sure like a lot of y'all. So how cool would it be to meet people we've never met before again through the internet? I like the concept of this site, it is a true throwback to myspace. Way less buggy.

Before the pandemic I used to like to go to shows, and in my 20's I was a scene kid. I've seen over 1,000 bands live. I stopped going as much a few years ago because I got tired of the scene. It was just too much and I lost interest in it. I still absolutely love music and listen to music all the time. I also produce music as well. I am into being fit and often work out hiking and spin.

I maintain a positive outlook on life. I used to be plagued with the exact opposite as I was growing up. I used to be super negative and believed that the world was against me. I was very angsty all the way into my late 20's. I had a spiritual awakening where I realized that I was the creator of my personal reality. I could experience life in any way I wanted to. Things didn't have to happen to me and I didn't have to just react to them, I could be mindful and I could choose. I started meditating. And then I actively began to change my reality. This was all due to my initial experience of the so-called Mandela Effect.

Theres a lot more! If you're interested send me a friend request!

Who I'd like to meet:

I want to meet people who are fun to talk to. Who I can vibe with on music and life and spirituality and all sorts of wild things! I want to meet cute and hot people. People with a mind of their own. Honest people. Kind people. People who are a little weird but it makes them amazing and awesome! Facebook really trapped us in our own bubbles, it was kind of like the polar opposite of MySpace. I was always adding people I didn't know and meeting new people all the time! It was fun! Can we have that back? Add me if you agree!

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