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i'm over 18!

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shoujo manga (and other joseimuke stuff sometimes), video games, anthropology, history, fashion, art, music, long-haired bishounen, etc.


buck-tick, my chemical romance, beyonce, deadman, nine inch nails, hide, mary j blige, usher, aaliyah, swv, michael jackson, tlc, depeche mode, akina nakamori, perfume, kyary pamyu pamyu, s.e.s., shinhwa, timbaland (more as a producer than rapper), missy elliot (as a producer and rapper equally), outkast, daft punk, donna summer; this is solely about the music and not ppl btw, im really good at separating art from artist and i dont support most of these ppl except by giving them peanuts for spotify streams


farewell my concubine, grave of the fireflies, mulan (fuck disney), there are more but im not exactly super passionate about movies and im working on watching more


revolutionary girl utena, cardcaptor sakura, ojamajo doremi, aim for the ace, kamisama kiss, cowboy bebop, my happy marriage, inuyasha, chowder, spongebob, unicorn warriors eternal, ppg, betty boop and other oldies, scooby doo, i know a lot abt magical girls from the 60s and up but due to Reasons i dont talk about them anymore, the only shounen/seinen i like rn are jjba and berserk

Video Games

the house in fata morgana, fire emblem (especially jugdral, fodlan, and archanea), castlevania, style savvy, fashion dreamer, splatoon, zelda, obscura (vn), guilty gear, final fantasy 1-8 (so far), been getting into metal gear, lately, and i think super metroid is one of the greatest games ever or at least the greatest on its console but i havent played another metroid yet


from far away/kanata kara, tokimeki tonight, yotsuba&!, azumanga daioh, witch hat atelier, persepolis, mars, misc dramatic 70s+ shoujo, scott pilgrim


people with professional-level art skills who use them exclusively to draw BL fanart /joking (maybe)


felix hugo fraldarius, testament, shannan isaach, jeritza con hrym, alucard cv, many others but i only put ones im insane and deranged about or recently used to be insane and deranged about

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About me:

heyyyyyy im chris and im new around here. who knows if ill stay around, but it sure looks cute/cool around here. also im a really anxious person with no social skills. i dont friend rq minors, but if your age is unlisted then… oops. he/him or xe/xem plz

estudiando español! usa él para mi porfa

日本語も勉強中( ,,`・ω・´)

Who I'd like to meet:

people who are... (please select at least at least 2 of the following):

1. (required) kind and considerate, or at least strive to be

2. (required) interested in the same thing(s) i am

3. black

4. transgender

5. fluent in a language i'm studying

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