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"Drawing, coding or sleeping"

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Friday night funkin (Primarily Mid-Fight Masses, Hotline 024, and Friday Night Fever), ENA, Dreamcore, Webcore, Tropicalcore, Drawing, Roblox, Gyaru fashion, Analog TVs, Old tech Murder Drones, Mad Rad Dead, ALT fashion


Cringe culture, Rude people, Art thefts, MCYT stans, Kpop stans


• I tend to forget things easily so please remind me if I forget to work on something.
• I would love it if you use tone indicators but please don't overuse them (One or two of them is fine)
• If I did something wrong please don't block me, DM me and talk to me it really freaks me out if you block me without telling me
• I have autism + ADHD, Please bear with me
• Other stuff I forgot to add


You go into the typical DFI criteria
• You’re against Fictionkin/Otherkin
•You use The word r●pe lightly or jokingly Or make r●pe jokes (Especially if you make them often.)
• You want to criticize/insult me for my interests
• You going to force me to get involved in flame wars/arguments/discourse
• You associate with traditional “cringe/bad art” blogs/make “cringe/bad art” compilations
• Bigot of any breed
You use/make underground subs
• If you are a Proshipper/Anti-Anti/Comshipper
• If you make/support NFTs/AI "art"
• Support r/fakedisordercringe
• If you are Pro-Life
• If you are in any of these fandoms: (Unless I follow you first, Current mutuals are ok)
 Kpop in general, Yandere simulator, Countryhumans, Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss/anything by Vivziepop, Killing Stalking, South park, Homestuck/Hiveswap, Dream/MCYT in general, FNAF, OMORI, Smiling Friends, Melanie Martinez


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