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"Going insane"

I need Henry Emily who said that 🤨

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Mood: Being as normal as I can about William Afton :3

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‼️Biggest, hugest, FNAF nerd known to mankind‼️, Eddsworld, DDLC, South Park, Undertale and Deltarune, TPN, TAWOG, Sanrio, sally face (I need to re-check the lore bcs I forgor 😔, tattletail, asdfmovie, HTF, MLP, Spooky month, Henry stickman, Detroit: become human, lackadaisy, etc. (سامحني إذا تصرفت بغرابة) I like to craft stuff using cardboard, I have an interest in robotics and animatronics (I don’t know how to make them, yet), I like to try to recreate props and such, I rot in my bed 24/7 on a screen (almost), my fav animals are bunnies, cats, and sloths, I love talking abt my interests, I love music‼️, I hate school, it’s just stressful, I like to make bracelets (it’s simple and silly :b), I have an internet addiction, I love scene!¡!¡!¡ XD, I’m desperate for a springbonnie plush and a Tord make ship plush (will a Tord plush ever exist pleas 💔), my birthday is on June 29!!!, I’m so impatient for summer break this school year is ass. IMG-0819 IMG-0818 IMG-0842


DAGames, video game music, FNAF fan-made songs, Cartoon show soundtracks, Vocaloid, random pile of songs like Chu Chu lovely and Absolute territory or Spazzmatica Polka or Change the formality because I listen to a bunch of stuff I cant stick to a single genre of music, mitsiki, TV girl, Jack Stauber, crystal castles, The Living Tombstone, CG5, TryHardNinja, JT Music, Dawko, etc.


FNAF MOVIE RAAAAAAAKHGGHHGHHHNHGGHHH, Coraline, Lego movie, Lego Batman movie, Taxi driver (1976), And more ig. (Do all the South Park specials like Post Covid or Joining the pandaverse count??)


Cartoon Network, South Park, Eddsworld, MLP, TAWOG, OK KO, Uncle grandpa, TPN, Scream (1996) (I forgor everything abt this film 😿), FNAF movie!!! ^^


DOAWK, FNAF!!!!! and som manga too.


BLEEGHH!!!! I’ll rant abt fav characters because yes. WILLIAM AFTON!! The whole afton family and Emily’s!!, Kuromi and pretty much all Sanrio characters, TORD!!! And the other 3 Ofc (Tom, Matt, Edd.), also Zanta Claus, Larry and Bing from Spares, Eduardo, Jon, and Mark. Yuri from ddlc and all of the girls except player or whatever you call him, my faves from undertale and deltarune are Asriel and Ralsei, along with the whole dreemurr family, SHELLEY MARSH IS MY DAUGTER!!!, I love all the characters in The promised neverland I refuse to pick one.

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ANYONE!!!! As long as your a decent human being and your not a dreamSMP fan!!! Dni if your just an awful person like a pedo, Islamophobia, homophobic, etc you get the point. FNAF FANS PLEASE INTERACT PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEA IMG-0827 IMG-0673 IMG-0625 IMG-0651 IMG-1830 IMG-1883

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