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I LOVE drawing i swear its my favorite thing to do. I mainly just draw emo ass ppl I mean they look beautiful yk i mean if you get it you get it. I also love drawing pretty ppl i find on here😍

I also have an interest on writing horror stories And my dreams like idk i think some of them are perfect for a video game and story they tend to be gorey tho

Im honestly pretty boring

I enjoy DIY and spend most of my time out or sleeping. Whenever i go outside i like to inspect mushrooms its very interesting to know about them also another thing i love to draw.

I also have this hobby of collecting dolls

I also collect rocks ★

I really like games well the ones that peak my interest like Little misfortune, alternate watch, content warning,Omori ,cry of fear,Silent hill, Hopps play house,Fears to Fathom, ALL of like Chillas art games and such 


I absolutely loveeeee a variety of genres so i cant really say but i do have some that i like : 

Artists such as :

  • Maretu + kikuo 
  • Rema. 
  • Crusher-P              ★
  • Cave town
  • Pity party
  • BIG Naughty                              †
  • Lung Skull
  • Soho dolls
  • Ezekiel                                             ★
  • Rebzyyx
  • McCafferty 
  • VaporGod   
  • Portwave
  • Punkinlovve
  • Lil Peep 
  • Memo Boy
  • Loverboyrando
  • Lemon demon 
  • Kendrick Lamar
  • Smokedope2016
  • Mag.Lo AHHH favorite!           ‡
  • Alex G and so on

Also here are some examples of songs I live for

  • Dark side of the moon
  • East Coast 
  • Red potion                 ⁠☆
  • Carry
  • 666
  • Snake.       †
  • Bobby
  • Never
  • Brian is the most beautiful 
  • Life imitates life.                    ★
  • Hamilton Beach
  • Sorry you didnt get to kiss that boy



I dont often watch movies but some ive watched are Black Phone, Corpse bride, All about Lily Chou Chou, Split, Bird Box and The Mother. I have an interest in anime mainly futuristic sci-fi thriller and horror ones love the sad ones too tho

Ive watched a hell ton though dont have a liking to those extremely long ones with like 6 seasons

Some i like are:

  • Cencoroll connect 
  • High rise invasion 
  • Kakeguri
  • Alone
  • Angel beats
  • Bungo stray dogs
  • Terror in resonance 
  • When they cry
  • Akudama drive 
  • Danganronpa
  • Dawg if you dont fw Made in Abyss ion fw you🙏🏼


true crime documentaries, they're so interesting.


Miguel Street-V.S Naipaul

Istg its so underrated 

Diary of a Wimpy kid ( no way sm could hate this beautiful thing)


Food n my momma<3

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About me:

My name is Zoe she/her ofc

atm im going to my second year of highschool 

Im here to cure my boredom

Big cat lover

I really love the color green and i love food (Except most sweet ones) food is life, my ride or die. If im depressed i eat food if im sleepy i eat food if im happy i eat food(im surprised im not built like jupiter)i absolutely love shrimp (ion support shrimp slander :[ SHRIMP has to be the best thing on earth i really dont know how one could not like it .

I take jokes lightly though have a pretty bad memory 

Im lively once you peak my interest though its hard for me to lead a convo unless i decide to tell you about how half my year went like if you think tmi is a thing get out like tell me anything ill gladly listen to your stories

Mainly on Instagram: k_ll9o.z★


Who I'd like to meet:

Honestly someone that aint that shy.


Be my friend guys or not freakybobs gonna get you.

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hai thanks for accepting :3

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Mal ♰ Malevolant

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Thx for the add, also cool profile.

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