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"Thinking about death?"

"yeesh.... Yeah."

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Mood: IRL Strade and Derek!! :3

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Boyfriend To Death, Scott Pilgrim, The Price Of Flesh, Inuyasha, Frost bite, Hello Kitty, JoJo's Bizarre Adventures, Bungo Stray Dogs, Resident Evil, SML, Dragon ball Z, One Piece, Avatar, Persona, Death Note, DDLC, Ranfren, The bloodmoon Huntress, Amulet, Soul Eater, The Untamed/ Grandmaster of Cultivation, Heaven Official's blessing/TGCF, Broken Colors, Helluva Boss, Hazbin Hotel, Melancholynights Lore. FA06-DEAC-062-F-48-BA-B731-F453-DC61-E3-E0


TV girl, Tyler The Creator, Alex G, Frank Ocean, Jack Stauber, any hip hop or rock music. Heavy metal, Queen, That Handsome Devil, Childish Gambino, BABYMETAL, Dazey and the scouts, Weezer, Mac DeMarco, Clairo, Wonder girls, Paramore, The smiths, Steve Lacy, Mitski, Evanscence, Kana-boon.


INUYASHA MOVIESSS!!!, scott pilgrim takes off ,vegas vacation, Resident Evil (Both real and animated movies), Benji, Sailor moon movies, Persona (The movies)


The grandmaster of cultivation (K-drama), Heaven Official's blessing (Anime), Sailor moon, Inuyasha, Higurashi (The old show), Dragon ball Z.


dear evan hansen, Amulet, Northranger, The girl from the sea, Scott pilgrim (Colored/manga books), Glitter gets everywhere, Resident evil comics.


Leon Scott Kennedy, Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Carlos Oliveira, Xie Lian, Hua Cheng (technically..?), Bruno Bucciarati, Abbachio Leone, Noriaki Kakyoin, Aigis, Makoto Yuki, Miku hatsune, Len Kagamine, Kaito, Lin Kagamine. (I KNOW THEIR NOT HEROES, I JUST WANTED TO ADD THEM LOL)

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About me:

Hello, I am Alisa and you can call me Alli, Ivory, or just Alisa is fine! I'm a Btd and horror fan, I like to read and write as I also have some talent in drawing, I get easily irritated sometimes. I'm Bisexual/Pansexual and I use basically any prnouns, I have BPD, Anger issues and mental problems, please be patient with me.

Who I'd like to meet:

People who like gore and horror games, specifically BTD or TPOF. I like to also play Resident evil . Derek, lawrence, or Strade kinnies/fans, Scene/emo/goth style, People who can relate to me, people who AREN'T assholes 25/8, people who like to talk or game with me, Scott Pilgrim fans, Todd Ingram kinnies (u have my hart <33), Derek goffard fans, Tyler the creator fans. I rlly need friends plz he;p

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