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!!I like gaming a lot especially with friends ,!! I like having deep convos, I love silly people please if you are silly interact with me :3!!!! !!i also like to watch videos !! I like to absorb information about everything, Its just a natural habit of mine to know whats happening around me ,!! I like to think about unnecessary stuff lol !! I like to just chill around ppl thats cool and lowkey similar to me !! i love to eat I also like to tease my friends n bully them as a joke :3 (my love language tbh) and torture everyone


I listen to every music type except country ones and My fav singer since I was a kid is: Melanine martinez (idek if i typed her name right) I love the fact she always put deep meanings into her songs and they even sound good is the amazing part of her I love her she describes about some situations we all probably been through (probably?) but I also like rock and pop and other


Tons that I dont even remember Just name me ones and Ill say if know or not






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basics: my name is miral, you can call me anything but mira (i dont know why but i dont like being called mira even tho its just one letter difference) I am 15 years old My birthday is in April 3rd I am an arab (I live in palestine) but Im also half italian so wasian (my family lived there for years) AND I AM AN IMMIGRANT my religion is islam (muslim) ok lets get into the real thing: I am a unique person with a different way of thinking from others, I usually form my own personal opinions without taking any argument from others unless it actually makes sense, I SOMETIMES get inspired by other things, but yea whatever (in another words im very subjective) I like to question everything around me (I even question the stupidest questions) , I like to know about world way more and humans and how they truly work cause its lowkey impressive lol (okok stop with that bullshit miral) ANYWAYS UHHHHHHH i am a very childish person too and silly but doesnt mean that im not a deep person too, may seem like an unserious person but I can be serious when i must be, I like to help others but i dont let people rely on me, I dont allow anyone to really take advantage of me (seriously fuck off) unless ur my mom (ur not) so fuck off 2x HAHA jk :3 I laugh at everything (my humor is dark and broken) actually not at everything but idk what i laugh at anymore its random, i am an orange cat person :33 (if u understand u understand if u dont then too sad bad crab dab), I like the idea of relating to fictional characters (real), im either happy or dead (two main moods), im a bit too judgmental sometimes, (PLEASE READ THIS ONE WITH UR EYES OPEN) I get distracted very often and Im usually lost in my thoughts, high self esteem (dont worry ur not gonna deal with my bs im good at hiding it), im sensitive (not the crazy type tho), i may seem confusing sometimes, i have a high imagination (crazy), I LOVE FOOD, i personally dont care about love FRIENDS>>>LOVE (if u actually think about it) unless ur an old ahh but i do feel lonely when i see those stupid couples wandering around its ok tho do we care? you: no we do not care, I AM A STARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, BONUS: one of my toxic traits is i tend to be careless and irresponsible due to me wanting to have fun all the time

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