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Minor, Brazilian

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Homestuck, Stardew Valley, Black Butler, Fnaf, draw, reading, writing, Clowncore, Dollcore, CircusCore, Creepypastas, Undertale, drawing, subcultures, books, music, the arts, cinema, gothic lolita, horror, the renaissance, victorian era, poetry, cathedrals, historical romance, rpg maker, rats, aquatic animals, astronomy, middle ages, bats, History, Fashion, vkei bands... If I remember anything else, I'll update. =p


Dungeon Synth, classical music, Melanie Martinez, Windir, A little Black Metal, Mitski, Lacroix Despheres, Versailles, J-Rock, J-pop, Nightcore... There's more that I forgot 🤭


Nosferatu, The Exorcist, Babadook, Jeepers Creepers, Wishmaster, The Wicker Man, The Omen... I like slasher movies in general!



Jekyll and Hyde's, Dracula, Frankenstein..


Nick, my cockatiel 🥺

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About me:

༺♡♱⋆PT-BR/ENG/ESP⋆♱♡༻ Yu~ki's admirer, Malice mizer 

HE/HIS Hello!! ꒰ᐢ. .ᐢ꒱₊˚⊹ Don't hesitate to call me! 🎻 I may make some words wrong because I use Google Translate! I'm a transmasc, so use masculine pronouns, please x3

Who I'd like to meet:

People who really want friendship and won't disappear after the first day!! I also want to meet homestuck fans and people who like doing OCS!! Anyone who has a common interest in general c:

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OMG we have the same picture,,, :0

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