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He/Him / Xe/Xen, 16, Australian

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HALF-LIFE! HLVRAI!!!!!!! Portal, Roblox - (Regretevator, GASA4am, myths, old roblox), KinitoPET, The Stanley Parable, The Legend of Zelda + related fandoms (Linked Universe, etc), Animal Crossing!!, Splatoon!!! Sonic, Yokai-Watch. || Animals - Stoats, Sharks, Cats, Ducks (Mainly rubber ducks!) || Drawing/Art, Nature, Robots, Music, History . . .



GENRES: Muzak, Game OSTS, Breakcore, etc... || ARTISTS/BANDS: Alex G | TV Girl | Seranji Poji | Camiidae | Weezer | Lemon Demon | Goreshit | Femtanyl | Spellcasting | Tally Hall | Chonny Jash | Kevin MacLeod | Fandroid | The Living Tombstone | BO EN / Calum Bowen | Gooseworx | Insane Clown Posse | boy 2000 | Tom Cardy | The Smiths | Mother Mother | Gordon's Grandson | Yaelokre | Billie Calvinn || (If any of theze ppl r problematic I do not support them!!!!!!)


Ernest and Celestine || The Lego Movie || Lego Batman || Ghibli movies || Indiana Jones || Wreck It Ralph || Everything Everywhere All At Once || The Truman Show || The Matrix


Adventure Time!!!!!!! || Steven Universe || Lego Monkie Kid || South Park || Sonic Prime || The Owl House || Gravity Falls || Hazbin Hotel || MLP || Digimon || Pokemon || Yokai-Watch


Nevermoor The Trials of Morrigan Crow || The Magnus Archives (podcast) || I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream (I also enjoy the game) || Jinxed


I don't rlly know what thiz meanz ... um.. Markiplier ...... Matpat .......... yea :3 !

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HI! I'm Kiwikewt :) call me Kiwi, 3, or Kasper My pronouns r He/Him and Xe/Xen I am autistic (maybe AuDHD) I am robotkin and fictionkin (c'link) I draw art both traditionally and digitally! Special Interests= Half Life, HLVRAI, Portal, IHNMAIMS, Roblox, Robots, Music, History, Nature . . . ( )

Who I'd like to meet:

Ppl who like tha same thingz as me... ^_^ (pls talk to me pls pls pls pls be my friend u should b my friend, especially if u like the same things as me, thatd b soooooooooooooooooooooo epicx of uu.... O_o)

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