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"reading under blankets :p"

17 yrs, she/her 🌘🫐🎶

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I love playing games, sleeping, reading (just finished Dracula!!) drawing and painting, listening to music, watching movies, play with my pets and doing normal stuff.
Currently obsessed with Disco Elysium


I had a range of styles while I was growing up, but it all tended to be more slow-paced.Here some of the things i enjoy listining to:
• glass animals
• the neighbourhood
• jack stauber
• o terno/tim bernardes
• puma blue
• current joys
• small leaks sink ships
• sir chloe
• she wants revenge
• modern talking
• arctic monkeys
• tame Impala
• gets scared
• oswaldo montenegro
• sign crushes motorist
National music like MPB, bossa nova, samba, brega and funk too
pretty "basic" but- well I like it ;]


as almost everything else, I love slow movies, bcs they don't make me so anxious. But it's kinda funny bcs I love thrilers too
my favorite one is Detachment(2011), I know it's not the most wonderfull and well talked movie, but anyway, I like it.

and 'cause "ninguém é de ferro" I love silly romcoms too


Over the garden wall, gumball, midnight gospel, if i remember more i'll put it in here
oh... Historietas assombradas para crianças malcriadas 👍


I love (guess what?) slow books too.

I actually love slow books of reflexive silly characters dealing with reality. My favorite of this kind are the ones from Hermann Hesse ( my beloved )
and hopeless romantic and kind of problematic characters from Victor Hugo's books charms me too
I love religious themes, even though I'm atheist. And I also love classicals in general, like wuthering heights, the portrait of dorian gray, and all.
ps I love the works from Shinichi Sakamoto :p


My mom

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About me:

17yrs girl!!
and as if you may see, if you talk to me, I'm a very slow person, in many ways, but sometimes I'm really the type of talkative who likes to ramble about unimportant topics.
so please, PLEASE don't mind if I'm bad at chatting at first, I really love meeting new people and I also love to talk but I'm kind of awkward when it comes to that(⁠。⁠ŏ⁠﹏⁠ŏ⁠)

Who I'd like to meet:

I'd like to meet nice people actually, I don't have much filter on that
!maybe someone to play with! especially Brazilian folk bcs my talking English is just horrible(⁠;⁠ŏ⁠﹏⁠ŏ⁠)

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Your acc is so calming! Also just finished Dracula as well

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thank you! if you want to talk about it I would love to :D

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