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I grew up with an interest in history and in reading, and that nicely transitions into asking questions about political and philosophical ideas. In that way, I always leaned towards the unconventional, towards ideas that seemed taboo or forbidden, because the dominant socioeconomic groups have tried to keep a lid on it. I'll say it right now: I'm a rampant socialist, and I wear my beliefs on my sleeve. If you're unfamiliar with the concept, a great starting point is the IEPs article on socialism. I have found that even among progressives some of my rhetoric is a little...intense. Other than that, I try to have a wide selection of art and music I enjoy.


A grab bag of different artists and genres, based on recommendations from friends or hearing about them through the pipeline. i'm drawn toward indie and the experimental. Joanna Newsom, Weyes Blood, Daisy the Great, Fiona Apple, King Gizzard, Black Country New Road, Car Seat Headrest, Death Grips, clipping, Arcade Fire, and Sea Power.


My favorite movie is probably "I'm Thinking Of Ending Things", a psychological thriller by Charlie Kaufman, so you can probably see where my tastes lie in terms of movies. I'll go down the list of films I've watched recently. This is in no particular order. "X", "The Fugitive", "Fire Walk With Me", "Asteroid City", "The Menu", "Heathers", and "Queen".


I watch less shows now than I used too (and finish them even less frequently), but I still hold on to some shows that have left an impact on me. "Doctor Who", "Twin Peaks" and "The Return", "Archive 81", "I Am Not Okay With This", "The Sandman".


A mix of genres. I read what looks interesting or informative. John Green's entire bibliography, "Are Prisons Obsolete?", "Cloud Cuckoo Land", "House Of Leaves", "I'm Glad My Mom Died", "Calico Joe", and "The Hobbit".


I have a few important people in my personal life who have helped direct me in the directions I want to go, but many public figures have helped me map out my creative landscape and figure out what I want to be doing with my own skills. Brennan Lee Mulligan, Howard Zinn, and Caroline Konstnar are a few. However, my absolute GOAT will always be John Green.

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About me:

Technically, I'm a college freshman studying English and an aspiring writer. In actuality, I feel like I'm better defined as a completely out-of-control and flailing mess, but at least I am *content* with being a mess. Getting into specifics, I have a few strong internal beliefs that inform my perspectives on a whole bunch of things, from politics to art, but I try to take things as they are. I'm concerned that we as a species (or at least, the next generations) will be facing extinction as a result of global warming (the term "climate change" was invented by Newt Gingrich to make the process sound less frightening). You can take a guess at the rest of my positions based on that. Oh, and I sleep on the left side of the bed like a normal person.

Who I'd like to meet:

I'd like to meet people who are thoughtful. Do you wonder why you think the things you do? How things shook out to make *you* appear? Do you ever wonder about life and death? It's not all heavy stuff, though. I'd also like to meet people who love life unapologetically, who do things for the hell of it. Despite all my serious sounding talk, I do like to have fun and be surrounded by people who are having fun.

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