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"too scared to text first"

he/they/it | 14 y.o | new jersey

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|| 50s-90s era movies, fashion, tv and culture || True Crime || Psychology || Scene/Scemo || 2012-2019 Roblox || RoomieOfficial (Youtube) || Ghosts/Paranormal || Haunted Dolls || Singing || Guitar/Drumming || Learning Languages


Top genres from LastFM: || Rock 'n' Roll || Classic Rock || Scenecore || Motown || Doo-Wop || Disco || Sunshine Pop || Hard Rock || New-Wave || Soul || Punk (view spotify 4 my playlists xD)


|| The Breakfast Club || St. Elmos Fire || The Outsiders || Tex || Rumble Fish || Mighty Ducks D2 || Loaded Weapon 1 || Young Guns ||Wisdom || Drugstore Cowboy || Dirty Dancing


|| Good Times || The Golden Girls || Matlock || Perry Mason || The Twilight Zone || Murder, She Wrote || Growing Pains || Sam & Cat || The Fairly Odd-Parents || Sanford & Son || Laverne And Shirley


|| Taming The Star Runner || The Outsiders || Tex || That Was Then, This is Now || Rumble Fish || Goodbye, Dearest Holly


Emilio Estevez and Patrick Swayze !!

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About me:

Hello. You may address me as The Motorcycle Boy, or Jorvik. I quite enjoy older music and subcultures and consider myself a greaser, a scene kid and a hippie. I also love the 80s, from music, fashion and culture. My favorite movie at the moment is The Mighty Ducks and my favorite actor is Emilio Estevez. As far as music, my spotify is linked below. I enjoy talking about my interests (see below) and I tend to overshare.

Who I'd like to meet:

Anyone who has similar interests as me! We could rant to eachother for hours! I'd also love to meet anyone on shedtwt, if you know what that is then we can be moots! If you find me cool or anything just ask me on here for my twitter or discord since I'll be more active there! I'd love to talk to people who use loads of 50s-80s slang too, haha! It's rad.

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