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the color green, clovers (whether four leaf or else), praying mantis, odd 2000s internet media, videoessays longer than two hours, html programming specifically for neocities, pilotredsun, lacey clothes, botany and marnie biology, marimo mossballs, insects, frutiger aero style, soft material used for pants, otherwise wearing them make me feel horribe, scene style, waldorf school system, green apple bubblegum, stamp collecting ( botany, insect and marine biology themed ), landfills, riding bikes and travelling by train, looking out of the car window, drawing comics, sleeping in a king sized bed with way too many pillows and blankets for no real reason, gardening, sun flower seeds and everything adorable in green


800 cherries (especially the 2022 remastered romantico album!), serani poji, kitty craft, the caretaker, lalleswari (katie jane garside), kahimi karie, of montreal, the cranberries, the apples in stereo, triste janero, dwaal troupe, the free design, the velvet underground, the little dippers, blossom dearie, the electric prunes, miharu koshi, cortex, momoko kikuchi (overture rules the wolrd!!), taeko onuki, fievel is glauque, bruno nicolai, haruomi hosono, cowgirl clue, birth day, machine girl ( i must add that they dont fit in with the other artists, but i have a special bond and history with machine girl ), japancakes, tram, aphex twin (#3 helped me calm down after a nervous breakdown, the bond is almost touchable), salvia path, dreamcorp ( "nevermind, everything's ok is a masterpiece ) the carebear, lionmilk

i like ambient, instrumental songs more, the ones that make me feel like a 90's sitcom character or a ladybug, slowly tap-tapping itself up a lonesome leaf





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About me:

Salutations, internet humankind! interweb surfer, professional mudslurper and tranquille pixelgirl here, you may call me fleshy or chau, whichever suits your imagination! i consume everything that is considered 2000s internet. I like to text modestly, like I am an aristocrat from the 19th century, please exuse my infant tongue, it simply brings me amusement. Consider this a typing quirk, I just feel comfortable writing like this. Feel free to message me, it brings me joy, I will respond as soon as I am able to!

I don't have a certain preference about people I'd like to meet, your presence on a website that inquires creativity to this level is deeply enough and appriciated! If you find any of my interests mutual to yours, that must be a significant indicator!

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