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"I’m gonna disappoint everyone "

pfp is me !!

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digital and traditional art, (although im better at trad), also photography (Nikon D5100, Polaroid iS048) graphic design

collecting art toys, anime figurines and folk art (I also build gunpla but I suck at it lol)

anime, manga & film 

vkei, mori kei, gothic Lolita/egl, scenemo fashion and culture

architecture, vexillology (flag study!), history, paleontology, ornithology (natural history stuff in general)


I like pretty much everything and I’m constantly searching for new artists!!!, some of my favorite genres are digital hardcore, nu-metal, metalcore, pop punk, emo, midwest emo, screamo/skramz, alternative, folk,ambient,experimental,dubstep/house, noise, edm/idm,etc “new age” Shibuya kei, (I could go on and on but like that should give u a sense)


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Juno, Fallen Angels, All About Lily Chou Chou, (I’ll add more soon)


Made in Abyss/ Girls Last Tour/ FLCL/ Somali and the Forest Spirit/Adventure Time/Midnight Gospel (gonna add more soon)


Solanin/Garbage Night/Scott Pilgrim vs The World/My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness/Inside Mari/ Made in Abyss/ Gears Maiden/920 London/ Bibliomania/(gonna add more soon)


Yeule, Grimes, Alice Glass, Junko Mizuno, Gekidan Inu Curry, Enter Shikari, Porter Robinson, Meomi, JJ McCullough,  (adding more!!)

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About me:

you can call me faellw, henbane, or lachrymae 

Some of my other users were PixlNomad, Tantric Angel, XxX_YAK_B0NEZ_XxX and MC Dharma

I’m 17.

he/they (?)

You can find my photography on my insta!! @faellw_

I also do art on a separate account, @wrathfulmemory but I’m on a break ('ω')✌︎ 

Who I'd like to meet:

scene ppl!! artists and musicians!!! anyone with niche interests!!! shoot me a dm or smth we can chat!!! (I’m rlly bad at initiating)

also I’d prefer if u were 16+ ,sorry but I feel uncomfy talking with young people

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need 2 know more abt vexillology that's such a sick name for a study of something espec flags. i assume its history based studies ?

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Yeah! It’s like a mix of history and design/symbolism

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I love your layout!!

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TYSMSMSMSMSMSMMM <33333 I RLLY LOVE URS TOO!!!! All about lily chou chou is one of my favorite films :)

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I love your layout!!

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avizzin ☆

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awesome pfp :DDDD

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TYSMSMSMSMSMSM !!!! <3<3<3 I rlly love ur nanachi pfp too!!!!

by ♰ lachrymae ♰; ; Report

thx !! ur pfp inspired me to put a made in abyss icon :3

by avizzin ☆; ; Report


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Nice page!

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Fer !!!

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hai bro haiiii

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haiiiiiii heyyyyy hi hellloooooo
(20 days late but I couldn’t see this on the app️)

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