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I LOOOVE: * Art! I am an artist and I like to draw Sonic the Hedgehog and my ocs and Other things sometimes * Videogames I’m super passionate about them and especially Mario and Sonic games and the GameCube, Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS and Wii eras. I just really enjoy games from the 90’s and early 2000’s ^_^ * Not only videogames but I also just enjoy the 90’s early 2000’s everything . Call it Time Period (or aesthetic) * I love music I can’t play any instruments but I listen to Copius amounts of music * As previously mentioned I love Sonic the Hedgehog * And Mario


*ALLLOOTTTTT of videogame soundtracks . That is a majority of what I listen to now * I really enjoy rock and 2000’s emo sometimes ^_^ I would love to get more into metal aswell * I am a Loser for jazz and 90’s Japanese music and 2000’s & modern kpop * some d&b (I’d love to get into breakcore!) Some artists specifically: - retired lemon demon fan but I still love it with all my heart - PINKPANTHERESS - Crush 40 - Himiko Kikuchi - Jun Senoue & Tomoya Ohtani


Love a lot of old (and new!) animated films :-) My favs: * old Tom and Jerry movies * Barbie , Bratz & Monster High Movies * Madagascar * Wall-E * Spiderverseeee ^_^ * THE BAD GUYS * Sonic Movies * Mario Movie (peak cinema) * Sonic Ova!!!!<33333 * MLP equestria girls series OTHER MOVIES I LIKE: - Knives Out - Enola Holmes 1&2 - Around the world in 80 days


I do Not often watch Tv series’ but there are some I still love * SONIC X YYEEEAAAHHHH * the old Mario Cartoon. * Power rangers Megaforce + Dinocharge * Totally Spies!!! * Tokyo Mew Mew * Finding Stuff Out….. I miss You


To be so real I barely read ….. But I do tend to like Murder Mystery books or sci-fi or paranormal fiction/fantasy ^_^ or just books about queers * A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder * Skinful of Shadows (THIS ONE IS A BANGER) * Rainbow Magic Series (you don’t get it okay) * Will Grayson, Will Grayson that’s all Ngl


My hero is the great Doctor Ivo Robotnik (Or Dr. Eggman) I want to be just like him :3

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About me:

Heeeyy haaiii!!!!!! I am Doug you may also call me Robotnik. I’m just a coollguy…looking to Discuss with people about my interests . Mayhaps. 🔥 I am transgender and aroace which automatically makes me awesome . PRONOUNS: HE/HIM!!! ^_^ (no they them at all please) also a minor ^^

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My Friends ! Ashfire908 and heinous criminal Kattukki <333333333 love u guys Any and all videogame fans I am here!! Maybe a friendly street cat too ……….

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