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"They/She, 15, blk"

black vtubers >>> wait I’m also pan

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I have an Xbox ☆ leftist ☆ I’m mixed, yeah obsessed with that ☆ like my curly hair ☆ have a shopping addiction ☆ done ballet for over a decade, idk why I’m still there ☆ I like art (all forms)☆ Inside Job is the best, fuck Netflix for cancelling it ☆ I play DND ☆ I kinda suck at code, won’t be changing this because computer isn’t fucking working, on phone, but I do gamemaker ☆ Clothes, lots of clothes, I like y2k vibes and gold jewellery ☆ Business ☆ Drama (as in subject) ☆ Roblox ☆ vibes ☆ Printing ☆ Crochet ☆ My headphones ☆ History ☆ I’ve been singing for a few years ☆ Jewellery ☆ Rose Flavour Tea ☆ My single ass ☆ Giving people too much information because idgaf and there’s something wrong with me ☆ Valorant ☆ Overwatch ☆ Splatoon ☆ My instant family kinda sucks tbh ☆


Padam Padam ☆ Any song by playboi carti ☆ tik tok audios (I don’t use tik tok) ☆ sdp interlude ☆ amaarae ☆ Doechii ☆ SZA ☆ Flo ☆ Diamonds are a girls best friend ☆ Kahoot Ponk ☆ Tyler the Creator ☆ Lemons demon ☆ Travis Scott ☆ (G)-IDLE ☆ Jhene Aiko ☆ Bootsy Collins ☆ Sugababes ☆ Childish Gambino ☆ Rema ☆ Sir-mix-a lot ☆ Naomi Jon ☆ Lil Wayne ☆ Dull Daze ☆ Nimona soundtrack ☆ Black skin, black malasis~


Last Holiday ☆ White Chicks ☆ Everything Everywhere all at once ☆ South Park Movie ☆ Monster High movies ☆ Spider-Man: spider-verse films ☆ Tetris ☆ Super Mario ☆ GOG all 3 ☆ Crater ☆ Moonfall ☆


Inside Job ☆ South Park ☆ The Simpsons ☆ Vox Machina ☆ Queen Charlotte ☆ Cunk on Britain ☆ Arcane ☆ Anime ☆ Task Master ☆ Helluva Boss ☆ Total Drama Island ☆ Black Ops ☆ Poker Face ☆ Amazing world of Gumball Lego Monkey Kid ☆ Nimona ☆ Camp camp ☆ Heavens Official Blessing


Assassination Classroom Sailor moon Hunter X Hunter Any mangas tbh Little Book of Dior A Gentleman in Moscow Why I no longer Talk to White people about Race What Is Masculinity The Elements of Eloquence Cains Jawbone (confusing af) Poetical Works of Milton History Of money Seaside Lullaby The beasties Hair Love Fuck I’m a nerd But I read manhwas


Miles Morales Captain Marvel Bumble Bee Zataana Queen Ramonda Storm Vixen Monica Rambeau Voodoo Tesla Strong Traci 13 Shuri Black Panther Malcolm X Rosa Parks Michelle Obama

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