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16 >:3 he/it/pup/cub

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i like looking at bugs specifically the cute ones like caterpillars; i like musicccc and drawing!! drawing is my only hobby i have that's counted as productive :3


showtunes r cool; i like classic rock.. Mitski; Rare Americans; video gamez music; Indie, Indie pop; moomins soundtrack; vampie empire -big thief; Eve; depeche mode; the smiths; lemon demon, I am become Christmas; the scary jokes; the strokes; i like lots of music; listening to music is my passion :3333; Sir Chloe;


EEAAO!!!! song of the sea; a silent voice; my hero academia World Heroes Mission!!; Nimona;


Paranoia Agent :000 My hero Acedemia!!! Moomins!! like moominvalleyyy and the 90's moomins; okay its not a tv show but i like watching Smosh :0 specifically TNTL, Eat it or yeet it, an the occasional other ones :3, serial experiments lain; Maid (Netflix limited series); Generator Rex; Bluey


i cant read :p /j ; all the scary stories to tell in the dark; the odyssey by homer (specifically like 4/5ths of it and what i remember) homestuck.; Piranesi, and ofc the big hungry catepillar (obvi)


DEKU!!!!!; (people who embrace their silliness); THE dave strider... (he beat me up in a dream once /srs); that one dog (u know who u r!!!! :3); REX SALAZAR!!!!! Piranesi!

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+ ABOUT ME :3!! +

✦I'm agender ✦i dabble in art ✦i am secretly a lion the size of a house cat. ✦ :3 im not online a lot!! sorry if I'm gone for a long time :3

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rex salazar

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