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meow 14 he/she/they idc :p

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sex and violence


bands/projects im : tsuyouma, close and personal, you make me so sick, aw man, more dead than me? i love screamo! so erm like the stereotypical 90s bands like orchid, love lost but not forgotten, yeat (twizzy), USURP SYNAPSE!!, FREAKIN I HATE MYSELF, you and i, city of catterpillar, assuck, NEIL PERRY, reversal of man, combat wounded veteran, modest mouse (early stuff was soooo screamo), pg99, joshua fit fo battle, spirit of versailles, jeromes dream and whatnot :p. I also really love some 2000s bands like MERCHANT SHIPS!!!, in loving memory, tears of avarel, the great redneck hope, daughters (the first ep is so good holy moly), ...of death, los crudos, iwrotehaikus(aciyy), the assistant, the number twelve loooks like you, i set my friends on fire, kite flying society, fear before the monarch of flames, jenny piccolo,the locust, waifle, fire team charlie, marietta, kaospilot, against me!, yadayadayada. ALSO I MAKE MUSIC UNDER THE NAME TSUYOUMA, im in a couple bands too :3. umm some new screamos good too catalyst, HERESHELIES!!! (my slimes!!111!11!!, playing a show with them blokes soon), seahorsechoke, widowdusk, clay birds, maybe its best (my fren), ice spice, gonewithyou, LETSMAKENOTHINGHAPPEN my fav band ever, bulletsbetweentongues, oneway mthafuckin mirror, and DEPARTMEFROMBEARISLAND (more frens), backbeforestreetlights, mil ataris por segundo, dead calm, uhh girl goes to greenland and whatnot!


scott prilgrim vs tha world, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, SLC PUNKKKKKKKKK, the neil perry movie, usurp synapse tour doc.


im angry riught now i cant asnwer this




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BOYGIRL 4 LIFE BYATCHH BLAAAAAA ^_^, im tsuyouma :p i make music and whatnot. i eat cats, babies, and rhinosercouses :333 pls donate your cats, babies, and rhinocersourss UHH ALSO i rlly rlly rlly likes music its my whole life >-<

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sad mofos who liek music :p

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