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I don't have one and usually i get bored really fast with everything, but when i really like something then i can't stopp doing it, sometimes it causes problems with school or just everything just because i can't stop thinking about this interest. But except for that i love baking and sometimes i cook simple dishes, also i like to watch some videos on yt, play games, listen to music, write stories (they are terrible, but i just can't stop to make new stories 24/7), also sometimes i draw and paint, but i suck at it.


Usually vocaloid and mother mother. When it comes to vocaloid i don't have specific favourite artist except for Kikuo and Wowaka, but lately i enjoy Deep Sea Girl, Bocca Della Verita, Vampire and some older Neru songs. Also i love to listen to mafumafu covers and original songs. Tuyu have great songs. Also MCR, MSI are one of my favs, even thought I know MSI are controversial, but still their music is awesome!


I don't like to watch movies, but My neighbor Totoro, The Fault in Our Stars and Love, Simon are great.


Usually anime, Love, Chunibyo and other delusions!, Mahou shoujo Madoka Magica and Watamote are my favourite, but i also kin on Spice and Wolf. Also Mlp was a great show.


I love Crime and Punishment, Master and Margarita, Toradora and also Ranger's Apprentice, also Aghata Christie books are great. If we talk about Manga then for sure i can talk for hours about Are you Alice? and some bl manga which i dont know original title or english.


Because i don't have any heroes or kin on any i will talk about games here! I adore Anno 1602, it's old and not great game, but the music is calm and the game itself give me nostalgia. Stardew is cute <3. But from more (I think) knew by people games i love Omori, Fran Bow, Little Misfortune. Also lately The Stanley Parable was interesting for me. For more than 7 years i play SSO, but developers aren't great, like sims 4 they try to get more money than give some good content, that's why my fav sims game is sims 3. Oh and Oneshot is my fav game of all the time <3 I know people mostly don't even heard about it, but it's great.

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About me:

Hiya! I'm Feli, I have 16 years (in june 17) and I live in Poland. I can communicate in Polish and english and also some easy conversations in russian. To know what i like to do you can read my interests. My favourite foods are fried rice and eggs and chocolate. Also my favourite animals are bunnies and puffins^^. If you want we can talk, and actually I would be really happy if you want just text me >v<.

Who I'd like to meet:

People in age 14-20, I can talk in people who are barely more than 20 or younger than 14, but i would not to do it, and i will do it only if i will get good reason, also it's neccesary for me to talk with people who are friendly and not homophobic, transphobic, body shaming etc. sorry but i can't accept when others hate some people just becausse of reasons they can't change, or bullying. Bonus points for people with who i have smilliar interests, or just are willing to talk about what they love. Even when I'm not interested in something I love to listen about things others kin on.

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