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Games! * Legend of Zelda series * Animal Crossing * Stardew Valley * Pokemon * I've been mega obsessed with Terraria lately!


* I'm pretty into 70s punk (mostly UK bands!) * I love pop punk too :0 * rockabilly, doo wop, classic 50s style rock 'n' roll, psychobilly Some bands I'm really into are: * The Damned * X Ray Spex * Buzzcocks * The Rezillos * Dr Feelgood * Eddie & the Hotrods * Rocky Sharpe and the Razors/ Replays * Darts * Alabama 3 * Slash * Green Day * Blink 182 *** I'm always super open to music recs! Especially anything punk or goth! Lately I've been trying to get into some goth stuff and I've been liking what I've heard from Siouxie and the Banshees and Sisters of Mercy! ***


I'm not rly a movie person but some I really like are: * Hot Fuzz * Rocky Horror Picture Show * Scott Pilgrim vs the World * Shrek 1-3 (I'm sorry I couldn't get myself to like 4:( )


I'm super into cartoons: * Bob's Burgers * Tuca and Bertie * South Park * Bojack Horseman * The Great North * Disenchantment * Futurama * Solar Opposites * Close Enough * American Dad * Big Mouth (ik this one is controversial :0 ) * Human Resources * Archer I'm into some real life TV as well! * It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia * What We Do In the Shadows * Peep Show * The IT Crowd * The Mighty Boosh * Arrested Development * Dr Who * Modern Family * Superstore


I've been trying to get back into reading lately and this last year I've read: * the first 2 Earthsea books * Legends and Lattes and Bookshops and Bonedust * Emily Wilde's Encyclopedia of Faeries * I'm currently reading Dallergut Dream Department Store!


the goth kids from south park

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About me:

I'm 21 and just finished uni! I studied philosophy and sociology :3 I'm really into video games, cartoons, dad music (early punk, pub rock, doo wop, rockabilly, etc!), "alternative" sorta style, piercings & tattoos, and hanging out with my friends :) I've also got mega adhd which I'm desperately trying to have more agency over this year! Not to nerd out about my degree but in sociology my favourite study areas are culture (subcultures are my favourite thing to look at!) and gender. I most recently wrote some stuff about women's experiences in music based subcultures, and a small presentation on adhd diagnosis in women! And in philosophy I'm really into ethics, I recently wrote a rly cool essay on structural evil as it's presented in the X Ray Spex album Germ Free Adolescents, and I hope to do a Masters in philosophy one day! :D

Who I'd like to meet:

Other people that are 18+ and into similar stuff to me! Anyone who wants to play games together, or just chat, or anything!

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