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~ im 18 and filipino, I plan to leave home after doing community college then ima major in psychology :P ~ im nonbinary and use they/she pronounz, i came out in 2021. . . i don't label my sexuality tho as i alwayz didn't find that a label for my sexuality that felt right so i usually say im queer :P ~ i grew up in the 2000z and was raised by my og scene queen sister xP she has influenced me a lot and inspired me to become scene myself :3


~ i love a lot of different kindz of music.. primarily screamo, and popular songs from the 2000s xD ~ my fav artistz range from PTV, SWS, S3RL, The Millionaires, and etc. :D ~ i also love kpop and jpop :3 my fav bands r SNSD, twice, and stayc xP


~ i rlllyyyy love the MLP Equestria Girls movies xD they're my guilty pleasurez for realizes!!1!!1


~ i love mlp and this one animated yt series called gwain saga :3


~ i rlly love manga.. im a sucker for romance shojo xD my first shojo was fruits basket back in 2015.. :3c ~ my top favorite mangas of all time r oyasumi punpun and girl on the shore. . . i love inio asano... he's my favorite mangaka everz!! ~ my other fav mangas r jjba and horimiya :P


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