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Interests: I'm a very big fan of Homestuck, Bigtop Burger, The Walten files, hlvrai, Smile for me, the exe community as a whole, Pizza tower, left 4 dead 2, adventure time and it's spinnoffs, One Piece, VastError and several other mspa fan stories, Murder Drones, The Amazing Digital Circus, Undertale and it's aus, aqua teen hunger force, the heilwald loophole, Deltarune, friday night funkin (mostly for the mods), ultrakill, shipwrecked 64, sugary spire, spooky month, 17bucks, buckshot roulette, creepypastas, anton blast, chainsaw man, fnaf, steven universe, and garn47!


Music: I love insane clown posse, Lemond Demon, Weezer, Tally Hall, TobyFox, churgney gurgney, funkin sound team, set it off, atsuover, worthikids, "weird al" yankovic, sandi, friedfrick, pizza tower ost, anton blast ost, longestsoloever, the stupendium, random encounters, qbomb, and much more!

songs I really like

songs I really like: black roses by rio - silly billy by churgney gurgney - missing you by atsuover - neath! by the stupendium - celcius troubles by clascyjitto - subterfuge by honkish - poison pop by qbomb - faster n harder (w/ asteria & kets4eki) by 6arelyhuman - roses erect by kawai sprite - shuck! v1 by ezzy


Movies: leprechaun 1993, tremors, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, Spider-Man across the spider-verse, and alot more lol


Television: Clone high, Bigtop Burger, Beavis and Butthead, Breaking Bad, Better call Saul, Moomin Valley, aqua team hunger force, what we do in the shadows and others I can't remember

Favorite charecters


Books: Homestuck, The Outsiders, The Moomins, and chainsaw man

Favorite games

games: Psychonauts 1/2, Garry's Mod, Left 4 Dead 2, Pizza Tower, No Straight Roads, Fnaf, Hiveswap, Half-Life 1/2, Undertale, Deltarune, Sugary Spire, Pikmin, Luigi's Mansion, Ultrakill, friday night funkin and it's mod, and garn47

Favorite artists

artists I like: Jack gore, DumbieDummy, ScorchVx, and swappyblue


credits: the Sarah and eridan ampora blinkies are made by @www-r04dw4rr10r-net, art in the background is by swappyblue, song in the background is named "silly billy" by churgney gurgney, the image below my spotify playlist is from an animation called "17Bucks || Episode 1: Broke Ninja", art of 2011 sonic at the left corner is by jack gore, nikku spacehey logo by Katie (autoplay!), the art in my pfp in by binejyeah!


Heroes: Jerma985 and the Insane Clown Posse

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About me:

I'm 16 and a pansexual funky fellow who enjoys writing in my free time currently I'm writing and making a bunch of concepts I have for characters and their world or write when I have sudden inspiration. And I also sometimes draw when I get an idea but when I'm not doing that I'm reading Homestuck, Vast Error or I'm watching newgrounds animations and pyrocynical! .floatie {

Who I'd like to meet:

The insane clown posse they be clowning

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