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"Why bully others when you can bully yourself?"

Hating me won't make you pretty. You heard me.

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weird and 'out of place' things with bright or muddied coloured accents to black or dark grey :3 sooo alternative things and people, poetry and art with meanings and stories, and funcky little guys,gals, and non-binary and othered pals of the sort [: β €


indie rock,metal, a bit of techno and rave, alternative in general, and a few sappy love songs here and there as well as fandom music for things you'l see later on down this list ^^


slices of life [like Mid90's], horror's/horror comedys [like Halloween, Trick R' Treat, and the Fear Street trilogy] animated comedys [South Park: Bigger,Longer,And Uncut, or Who framed Rouger Rabbit?] and musicals or dramas [Heathers {the og movie and musical}, Be More Chill, Ride The Cyclone, Hamilton, Mama Mia]


Ok KO Let's Be Heroes, TOH, Don't Hug Me I'm Scared [telly series and webseries], South Park, MLP [g3-g4], Golden Girls, Invader Zim, Monster High [2010-2017], Salad Fingers [webseries], Adventure time [2010-2014], Marble Hornets [webseries], EverymanHYBRID [webseries].


The Bible (TM), Dante's Inferno, Dark Lord: The Early Years, My Bestfriends Exercism, To Drink Coffee With A Ghost, The Tale Of Despereaux, fanfics, Creepypastas, Be More Chill [yes theres a book, it's what the musical's based off of],FNAF books, Minecraft guides, Full Tilt, Troutmonger by kothepowcardfan11


Turbo Kaio Kincaid <33 my beloved, oh and uh myself??? because everyone I meet or look up to ends up disappointing me later. >:b

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    Half alive and stark-raving free and maligned

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Bloody Knife

Who I'd like to meet:

Alternative weirdo's like me :D [so people who aren't super confrentational, willing to learn and understand, artsy and alternative, but not d!cking over teachers and other school staff and staff in general over for no reason other than them doing what their job demands >:[ ]

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I am putting this here for anyone who comes across my profile and are thinking of adding me but they don't follow/talk to minors. I am a minor. Don't add me if thats a personal rule/boundaries :] yw

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This is a cool profile!

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tysm!! :3

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