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Fandoms: The Kirby series. Learning With Pibby. Cucumber Quest. Turning Red. Jack and The Cuckoo Clock Heart. Gregory Horror Show. Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared. Little Big Planet/Sackboy: A Big Adventure. Steven Universe (except for Steven Universe: Future. Their mental health messages were awful and stereotypical). Animal Crossing. Welcome Home. Starters. Hyperfixations: Cartoons tackling serious themes well (“Moral Orel” tackling religious fundamentalism and SA, “Static Shock” tackling racism, “Smart Guy” tackling pedophilia, “Braceface” tackling underage drinking, “Bluey” tackling infertility, etc). Others OCs (M0-11 by KingMaxStatic, Stitcher by C0smicCom3t and Master Psycho by LattePinkStar2017. All are great artists and I beg of you to check them out!). Crossover AUs.


Artists: Cavetown. The Beatles. Billie Holiday. Journey. Taylor Swift. Linkin Park. King And Country. Lady Gaga. P!nk. Euchaeta. Oliver Buckland. Twenty One Pilots. Songs: Dorothy by Kankan/Chogakusei. Gives You Hell by American Rejects. This Is War by Ben Kweller. Homage by The Mild High Club. Hey Kids by Molina.


Jack and The Cuckoo Clock Heart (Mathias Malzieu and Stéphane Berla/Shout! Factory). Turning Red (Domee Shi/Pixar). Megamind (Tom McGrath/Dreamworks). Puss In Boots 2: The Last Wish (Joel Crawford/Dreamworks). Monsters University (Dan Scanlon/Pixar). Mary And Max (Adam Elliot/Melodrama Pictures). Home Alone (Dan Mazer, Raja Gosnell, Peter Hewitt, Chris Columbus and Rod Daniel/20th Century Fox). National Lampoons’ Christmas Vacation (Jeremiah S. Chechik/Warner Bros). Rumble (Hamish Grieve/Paramount). How The Grinch Stole Christmas (Ron Howard).


Bob’s Burgers (Loren Bouchard/Fox). The Amazing World of Gumball (Benjamin Bocquelet/Cartoon Network). Gregory Horror Show (Naomi Iwata/TV Asahi). Smiling Friends (Just so you know, I don’t support some of the creators’ close mindedness. The show can be found on Adult Swim). America’s Funniest Home Videos (Has had a ton of creators and hosts. Can be found on ABC). Regular Show (J.G. Quintel/Cartoon Network). Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared (Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling/Channel 4). Steven Universe (As stated in my general interests, I don’t like Steven Universe: Future due to its poor representation of mental illness. Both are made by Rebecca Sugar and can be found on Cartoon Network). Captain Planet and the Planeteers (Barbara Pyle and Ted Turner/DIC Entertainment). Phineas and Ferb (Dan Povenmire and Jeff Marsh/Disney).


Nowhere Near You (Leah Thomas). Flush (Hiassen Carl). A Wrinkle In Time (Madeleine L’Engle). Cucumber Quest series (Gigi Digi). Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me (Mariko Tamaki). Monstrous (Thomas E. Sniegoski). I Hate Everyone but You (Gaby Duun). My Brother’s Husband (Gengoro Tagame). The Tea Dragon Society series (Kay O’Neill). The Stand (Stephen King). Hockey Girl and Drama Boy (Faith Erin Hicks). Pet (Akwaeke Emezi). The Girl Behind The Red Rope (Rachelle and Ted Dekker). Komi Can’t Communicate (Tomohito Oda).


Fictional: Kirby! Neko Zombie! Sackboy and Sackgirl! Madeleine! Meilin Lee! Pibby! Real: God and Jesus! Fred Rogers! Gregory Blackstock! Dino Stamatopoulos!

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About me:

Hi there! You can call me A! I’m an Autistic queer Christian who loves the arts! I go by she/they! I’m also a huge fan of things like “Kirby”, “LittleBigPlanet”, “Sackboy: A Big Adventure”, “Gregory Horror Show” and “Starters”! I like to watch a lot of animations, from “Rumble” to “Home Movies”! My aesthetics are whimsigothic, y2k, kidcore, weirdcore, nostalgiacore and maybe voidpunk (scorned Autistic kid swag). DNI: Pedophiles or MAPs. “Hero” Girl or Yorushikathebaka. Homophobes and transphobes (just to be clear, it’s okay if you disagree with certain things, but it shouldn’t get to the point where you’re actively trying to making certain things illegal). Autism Speaks or PETA supporters. Harry Potter fans. Fake pro-“lifers” who harass the vulnerable instead of being compassionate and actually trying to help with certain things. Fetishists. Proshippers/comshippers. Dream stans. TERFs. Racists. Victim blamers. Porn bots.

Who I'd like to meet:

My favorite online artists, of course! As well as Gigi DG (the creator of Cucumber Quest) and Dodge Greenley (the creator of Learning With Pibby)!

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