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youtube, music, kpop, drawing but rarely, over sharing, pretty things, but also dark things, writing but im literally dyslexic, reading but i dont, making list and playlist idk why, cats, being really dumb, vanilla ice cream, fettuccine alfredo, broccoli, hard candy, being mentally stunted, sweet corn, phili cheese steak, white cheeses, beef/steak🥩, plushies, pearls, way to many men, drinking milk🥛, salmon, beef empanadas, not admitting im probably a furry, dark green, and blue, but also pastels, and brown, wanting brown or oreo hair, oh and everything else


Dune - ATEEZ — Hard - SHINee — Move - TREASURE (T5) — Fire - SEVENTEEN — Private Party - EXO — 404 File Not Found - TAEYONG — Super Shy - NewJeans — AmEN - BMTH — rain bird interlude - CODE KUNST — Odd Eye - SHINee — dont ever say love me - Colde — Kingdom Come - Red Relvet — dOra maar - OnlyOneOf — Nectar - WayV — Weedkiller - Ashnikko — OMIR - Dimash Qudaibergen — O'keň - Dimash Qudaibergen — and more [ below is my spotify ]


• Train to Busan • #Alive • The Call • Character • 20th Century Girl • A Silent Voice • Wolf Children • Corpse Bride • The Nightmare Before Christmas • Rise of the Guardians • Catwoman • Ghost Rider • Malefacint • Venom • Black Swan


• Cherry Magic! Thirty Year of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard • The Glory • Weak Hero Class 1 • Move to Heaven • Iteawon Class • All of Us Are Dead • Switched • The Uncanny Counter • Sweet Home • Im Not Okey with this • The End of the Fucking World • The Imperfects • Toy Boy • Chainsaw Man • Blue Lock • Eresed • Mob Psycho 100 • Hunter x Hunter • Parasyte • Devilman Crybaby • Brynhildr in the Darkness • BNA • Vinpire in the Garden • Blue Period • Gravitation • Banana Fish • Sasaki and Miyano • Bee and Puppycat • Super Crooks • Great Pretenders • Highrise Invasion • Kuroko Basketball • Hikyuu!! • Sk8 the Infinity • Saiki K • Arcane • Fire Force • Noragami


manga ╮₍ ᐢ.ˬ.ᐢ₎╭ ♡ Tokyo Aliens ♡ My Capricorn Friend ♡ Cherry Magic! Thirty Year of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard [BL] ♡ Meshinuma


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About me:

▪︎ hey!☆ i don't know my name yet, and im not telling you my dead name. call me uny since its the name of my bunny character, im 18 unlabeled [might not be capable of love so idk] pronouns are he/him they/them; i like both alot but if you just want to use one or both idc☆ aegosexual [i think] and poly but ive been single my whole life so i doubt ill date more then one person. im hispanic dont know spanish tho, and thats about it.. ▪︎ tone indicators are appreciated, im very stupid ☆ social reject, degen, freak, idiot, are all complements so you can call me that..☆ ps. dyslexic beware of terrible spelling

Who I'd like to meet:

maybe friends idk, but i basically have crippling social anxiety, if someone even leaves a like i get super anxious, its gotten better but still lol

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