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"💊 That's pretty gay my guy."

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💊 I'm hyperfixating on Genshin and Detroit: Become Human rn, Venti and Connor my beloveds.
💊 Pennywise- and clowns in general, I used to be terrified of them but now they're just intriguing.
💊 I love snakes, and have one of my own- her name is Milkshake and yes she brings all the boys to the yard.
💊 If you feed me or show me any affection I will never leave you alone.
💊 Cheez-Its, Spaghettios, Pizza Pockets, and Spaghetti with corn are my comfort foods.
💊 Cilantro can go die in a fire.


💊 Glass Animals
💊 Jack Stauber
💊 Insane Clown Posse
💊 My tastes switch from alt pop to alt rock to fuckin indie depending on my mood, but honestly all music is p good.


💊 Akira, obviously-
💊 Anything Ghibli, Spirited Away is my personal favorite though.
💊 The Goonies
💊 Scooby-Doo
💊 The Crooked Man/The Conjuring universe


💊 Idk, my cable got shut off


💊I'm reading the Magic Misifts series rn because it's cute and wholesome.
💊 The Help is fucking fantastic.
💊 Idk if Edgar Allan Poe counts because it's poetry but whatever.


💊 Eddie Izzard, If I become a comedian someday I will owe it to this man right here.
💊 YUNGBLUD, if you know him I don't think I need to explain.
💊 My friends, don't tell them I said that.

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💊 Shaemus, your residential whore (14). They/Them with a little bit of manliness. I've been yoinked by a femboy clown and a ginger. I'm a lazy artist/writer and a photographer in the making with a love for horror movies, which makes sense because I look like an axe murderer on ocasion. I make creepy masks and chill in empty parking lots in the middle of the night.

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💊 Your mother 😩

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creepy kun

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honestly forgot abt this hi shae

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