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Listening to music at 2 am trying not to fall asleep cuz a good song just came on Drawing instead of paying attention in very important classes Getting good education Splatoon, Undertale Deltarune, Lugi's mansion, COD, and other video games Reading in school when I'm done with my work while praying my teacher doesn't catch me because then she's going to lecture the class about how important science is but the only science I like is space and earth bro. Learning languages




Does YouTube count


Count All Her Bones, (The orginal) A Christmas Carol (until you see that color has a u)



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Hey y'all my name's nameful odder which is obviously not my real name but I don't like sharing that info online. My pronouns are she/her but any pronouns are perfectly A ok👌 same as titles. (King, queen, sir, ect...) I like drawing, playing video games, reading, and sleeping. (Of course when I say reading I mean at school but) so just a regular dude. I'm asexual and demiromantic along with many other identities but most of those are just related to other attractions (platonic, aesthetic, ect) I'm into traveling but I can't do that because I'm kinda you know too young. I collect bandanas and thinking of getting a skull one next. I'm very forgetful and bad at socializing but don't be afraid to talk to me. I have synesthesia and probably insomnia. I'm in a stemm (science, technology, engineering, medical, and mathematics) education school studying computer science, robotics, and engineering. (No I'm not in collage). I do write, make music, and code video games in my free time. I have many friends in real life but I do enjoy being at home and making friends. I'll let you guess how old I am. Please ask questions because I love answering stuff about me (:

Who I'd like to meet:

People who like to travel and talk about where their from and stuff <3 I love seeing the differences between cultures and stuff I think it's cool, also people who have the same interests as me and stuff of course.

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