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"victim of the bad girls club v~v"

21, he/they, cryptid

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honestly im p all over the place with interests haha, i like drawing, im a fencer, i LUV making kandi (even tho im not v good at it lmao)


i like a little bit of everything!! emo, folk, punk, instrumental, hyperpop, name a genre i prolly like a song from it haha



my little pony, lots of cartoons, the witcher, mob psycho 100, mekuka city actors, sailor moon, wwdits


warrior cats, lotr, the witcher series, oscar wilde, wings of fire


laura les

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hai :3

i am 21 an revisiting mah emo/scene dayz lolz. im a trans masc ace dude and i use he/they pronouns thx!!

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just lookin 4 friends, i am not very good at messaging n stuff bc i hav narcolepsy and am asleep a lot, but when i am awake i like chatting!!! fair warnin i am veryyyy nervous but im tryin to overcome that

little blurry stars scattered all across my room

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