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"Should b going to bed but I can't cause ."

18 | rlly into long furbies | will info dumb about faeries to you

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🩷🧡🤍🧡🩷 <- ppl from this country r so hot


Aaaaaa too much to list just dm me and ask for a Spotify playlist Rn my music taste is hyperpop, rock, a liiiiitle bit of metal, like so little it is not worth asking me if I know what color the lead bassists mother in laws eyes are, and at this very moment, songs that sound like they were written by witches and 1930s-80s songs about Halloween.


My favorites that I can remember are the love witch, paranorman, practical magic, too wong foo, thanks for everything Julie newmar, beetlejuice, song of the sea!!!! Wolfwalkers!!!!! Which I recommend u start and cancel a free trial w Apple just to watch because it's probably the best movie I've ever seen, almost all of the twilight movies (eclipse, and breaking dawn part 1 r not it) and gremlins :)


I would die for adventure time, summer camp island, courage the cowardly dog, the marvelous misadventures of flapjack, over the garden wall!!! (CRIMINALLY UNDERRATED DUDE), horrible histories (despite it all), infinity train, and I periodically rewatch every season of bibs burgers at once sometimes, for Comfort :)


As much as I love writing, I mainly read everything on the internet cause physical books are expensive and my brain does not know how to sit down and actually read one without checking me out two lines in, but I love kitschy romance novels, and urban fantasy novels. My favorite trope of all time is someone from like, 13th century England getting transported into today's time but they're somehow super tall and conventionally attractive by today's standards and reeeeeally adaptable and the protagonist just shows them warm showers and Hershey's and they just live there forever now. It fulfills my fantasy of showing a Victorian child 100 gecs music.


Don't have any cause ppl are disappointing, but my cat makes me happy :)

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About me:

Hi!!!!! :) I'm Nia!!! I'm adorable and fun and a bit intense!! So fair warning :) I live in NY, my favorite color's pink I want to live in a cabin in the woods some day and bake bread and stuff, but yknow 👖🪢. I'm a writer and I want to make money off of that but truly my dream is to just play a harp in the woods all day and come home and watch cartoons

Who I'd like to meet:

Cool ppl who are funny and maybe like dressing in a color I don't wear a lot that goes well with pink because then we can coordinate outfits if we ever meet in person. Also ppl who don't mind me texting them at 4am about racism or how everything in the twilight saga is actually good except for the stuff everyone ignored in 2008 because it's easier and more fun to make fun of teenage girls for daring to enjoy themselves!!!!!!! Im still mad about twilight, I will never get over twilight.

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thnx for adding me back! love ur layout btw

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