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🌚 Spirituality is important to me. Spirituality has made me what I'm today. If you don't like that I'm spiritual there is no need for self hatred and harassment and bullying. I also believe in Loki's Will and prayer to him if I feel like ''diving'' and Loki's guidance through complete insanity and madness. Mother Snake. Abyss. In my belief not everyone has spiritual gifts. Some have limitations. Some are to scared. Some have to be taught. Spirituality can only be taught by yourself and nobody else. Self-awareness takes years. Some however are in denial of self discovering themselves. I meditate in the shower. I try listing to water sounds on the internet such as YouTube but those videos don't work for me. Again spirituality is something I've been blocked for. Without even having the chance to explain myself 🌚 If you're a stoner that likes to get high just for grins and giggles and see how attention seeking you can be don't message me. Also smoking is dusting. Who wants to smell like smoke? Embarrassing. Also smoking causes my eyelids to flare and puff up and become red also one of my family members and the only one that smokes is 60 and her teeth fell out and only has three good teeth and has false teeth. She said something about I wish I still had my teeth and I'm the only one in the family that has false teeth and my skin is so dry. I just really wanna just say outload and instead of my mind. Well too late for regrets eh? You can never break the habit and you just can't. So sad 🎮🎮🎮🎮 I don't play online but do you've any games you want to talk about I mean guys do you think a Asus Vivobook Max can play online games LOL? Why don't I own a gaming laptop? My budget of laptop is $300-350. Maybe one of these years I'll get a gaming laptop. Maybe I don't know if I'll ever be able to afford one. If so that is a good conversation starter because I can't start one if my life depended on such ha I can talk about video games for the whole day if you allow me LMAO this would be your big mistake if you do! But hey! That will give us something to chat about right? I mean my conversation skills or chatting about something is as a dry as the Sahara desert 🎮🎮🎮🎮 Have a video gam collection or anything in your dream collection? Let me know 🎮🎮🎮🎮 I focus on spirituality more than I do physical appearance. Do I care what you think? No 📿💁 and what is your favorite ​🍓​🍰​🍨​🍋 and Blackberry Citrus and Lemon and Cranberry Lime sparkling water is amazing!🌊 Or what is your favorite theater box movie theater candy 🍭📦 I've given up on finding a date so there is that 🏁 I like supporting artists. Are you an artist? I would love to give you 🎨 ideas that would be really cool. Or if you do any other 🖼️ creative things you do let me know 😺 👨‍🎨 Make jewelry? I would love to see that as well! 📿 I hate Taco Hell for destroying their menu 😾😾😾😾 Luxury items to make me happy? Nope! I could have little interest about a expensive perfume I rather have a rare item by a anime or a video game or something lol 💁 What is your favorite ☕ Let me know in the comments and also if you timed yourself reading my profile or your favorite theater box candy 🍭📦


🎧 Video Game Artist normally jamming on YT or Pandora 🎧


🐺 However being psychological evaluated makes me tick. Telling me how interesting or bizarre or strange I'm is a nice compliment 🐺 If I'm online my profile is still worth reading as I've contacts but I will only accept certain messages from my contacts if you've something interesting to say 🐺 There's only one thing that's real about this world. And that's us the players! Getting stronger and defeating your opponent; those are the ways that all of us keep connected! That's the way this game is played! 死の恐怖 🐺 I shall become strong for you. Yes, strong enough to protect you 🐺 エンデュランス 🐺 Do not be afraid......Burn this into your eyes!!!! オーヴァン 🐍 I would also love to match with someone on here if we become very best friends or possible more if we could match the Tales of Symphonia necklaces together! Ask to see the one I've 🐍 I could post quotes from Black Butler and Book Of Circus and Star Wars and The Hunger games but I don't think anyone would care if I started making my profile even more longer. Just think if I even added video games onto that list LMAO. Hmmmmmm I know maybe you can post something along these lines on my profile 📏 Gotta make my profile different from the rest 📏


DOPE or NOPE. Other stupid opening tech videos or strange videos or mystery 📦 items. Somethings are WTF? That exist online? LMAO. CJUGames. This is another genuine horror YT player. I can't really stand YT uploaders that start screaming and yelling for no reason and really wasn't a scary part. Does she play any other content? Why is Gab Smolders my all time favorite? She play an assortment of things on her YT. Some people have unfollowed her for this and keep on saying where is the horror In my wolf eyes there is so much horror games she could play before she gets so burnt out she loses interest. She also will translate Japanese to English if the so said video game has enough interest. Anything I don't like about her ❌ Yeah when she supported freeing the protesters that were in jail doing a live stream and raising donations for the cause. She is very lucky she has quality content otherwise I would've unsubscribe to her. However she only posted no more than four times about BLM freeing the jailed protesters. However I don't know many female YouTube people like her or do similar things with content as I made this profile title. If you do know any females like Gab that does the similar range of YouTube content let me know. But don't think this is me saying ''replacement for Gab'' no because she stopped. But one YouTube person wasn't so lucky and he should've kept his comment to himself on Twitter. Anyone know the Black Butler Roast YouTube person? If you don't you can look up that and you will find him. Anyways he posted something similar to this that people that don't want to see BLM is part of the problem and he probably posted this because just like me I stopped logging into Instagram for a for a few weeks to stop seeing the violent post etc on IG. Excuse me? That's pretty much judgmental. Did you once think before posting that status comment on Twitter that some people have PTSD or mental illnesses? Some things can cause triggers like mine. Such as I had stated before I to log out of Instagram for a week or two because the violent images and videos were triggering my PSTD and I was starting to notice a mental damping to my psyche. So I decided I will take action for my mental health and log out. If you're wondering how bad I would say nothing extremely massive but enough for my self-awareness to kick in telling me my thoughts and psychological level is changing. So I logged out. But for him to say that ''WE'RE PART OF THE PROBLEM'' is so judgmental. I'm sure not once in his head did he think ''anyone with mental disorders or getting triggered by graphic images or videos?'' I'm sure his answer would've been no. For him to post something like that is something ten times worse than what Gab did. Never did Gab once say on her Twitter that ''WE'RE'' the problem and if my memory serves me right I remember that Black Butler roast guy pointed the finger tons of times and Gab hasn't posted anything recently about BLM. In my personal belief some people and celebrities should keep quite about their belief about political and what they stand for in racial matters etc. Because like that guy YouTube Black Butler Roast will never have my view count or subscribe ever again. That crossed the line. Extremely tasteless. Disrespectful and judgmental ❌ Pikasprey Blue this is probably the only person I can tolerate when yapping throughout the whole entire YT stream. His voice isn't really annoying or louder than the video game music himself. So he gets a A in my 📚 and that's why I don't subscribe to commentary YT if the voice is louder than the video game music or the video game character speaking 📚 Asprey his brother's videos are also good and I thought their Mario Party video with their friends were hilarious to me 😹😹😹😹 dansg08 is also a good one I love his voice as well or when I want to find a high quality FF Let's Play with no commentary. I think the internet is also why I can't view anything higher than 720 HD -1080 HD. My dad buys T.V. 📦 Internet cable bundle set 📦 so you can pretty much just think how slow the internet really is 📦 Cinemassacre 😾😾😾😾 and I also have other YT subscription that belong to my young prince and I also have some models and their blogs on my YT subscription. The most ironic thing is I hate cooking but I watch cooking shows? LMAO I know makes no sense 🍳🍳🍳🍳 Catching on watching RuPaul right now on both the newest seasons 🌸🌸🌸🌸


📿 📖 My spiritual blogs and autobiography here 📚


💖 My young prince and whoever has compiled my profile 💖 Also keep the reminder of my rules and also do you plan on sending me a message first about my profile? So that way I least know that you read my profile? Or can tell me something you liked reading on my profile and give me your contacts ☔💧☔

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About me:

❄️ So about me....This should be the start of knowing me and the sectors of my profile eh? Let's start before wasting your awful time on my profile. One do you plan on chatting with me on social media? If your answer is no then you've wasted your time adding me or accepting my friend request and reading my profile and you can do the same for all no answers. Do you plan on adding my Instagram other contacts? Which I only have Kik and Google Hangouts and Snapchat so if you don't have those I guess you're just screwed then 👹 and if you asked why I'm not signed up on FB when IG is owned by FB I can say this. No thanks way too much personal information when signing up and you can't even use a fake name/underground username anymore 🚿 If you look fake you must show your State I.D. 🚿 However I' bailing on that one and that is a massive no by me and FB bores me and Photobucket isn't free anymore and I will not pay $5 a month to upload pictures when I can do so for free on IG 👹 If this all a no. Then you already know the drill. My profile is a waste of your time. I'm not looking for follower counts on Instagram and my other contacts I could honestly careless 😸😸😸😸 Would be nice to find someone that is up late at night like I'm or just randomly passes out while chatting on the 📱 and I should also state I'm a single parent which most people that gives people a red flag I'm out for money. Please. Spare yourself of the stereotypical things people say about single parents ⛈️⛈️ I should also state people tend or often times run off when I state I got five mental problems. I got problems like everyone else but as long as you're not into drugs or some raving crazed political movement person etc or posting about police violence on social media platforms then I won't run from you. Well I can say I also run from stupid meme accounts. I don't understand them. As well as not on here I got into an argument over why I don't post selfies on Instagram or anymore or randomly send them everyday. I just did a revolt all I did people wouldn't stop talking about my looks or wouldn't say anything else about my looks. The same old the same old when people talk to me. I had enough. So I deleted half of my Instagram photos and if you want a selfie and a few of them once a month sure. But don't expect anything perverted. I like being covered up and cocooned. I also believe that my skin/fur/Abyssal suit should be mine to see and only my boyfriend and future marriage. I won't even go swimming unless someone buys me a full covered wetsuit that covers my legs and my frontal body and has sleeves on the arms can be like a T-Shirt sleeve length. But I refuse! This is me and who I'm! Oh I forget my diet really scares people 🍜 If you want to see my diet you can at your own risk 🧀 I also only eat my 🍜 noodles with very little seasoning of the packet then I drain the water completely and get all the water out then I melt cheese on the 🍜 noodles and sometimes I add an 🥚 however I think my diet can be ten times worse than what I'm eating but you can ask for a pantry photo and what else I eat and oh if you feel like timing yourself on my profile go ahead ⏲️ If you feel like commenting the time to read my profile start to finish I mean? I guess that would make my account entertaining 👹 🗒️ Some more antsy rules and before messaging me. I know cancel culture is highly popular nowadays. People are canceling their social media accounts. Some people are anti video games like what the Hell has this world going on? Ah right communism! I already predicted this country would be a communist country a year and a half ago. Also I think the most funniest thing is the books being canceled for racism. But why and how if this wasn't years and years and years ago? Amusing. But I already knew Americans were gonna take a dump in their pants with this communism's heading in the U.S. state please note if you're a communist or highly political that is fine I'll still chat with ya just know that if you plan to chat about this 24/7 with me the conversation would be like legit frozen. So sad I predicted this. Also people are gonna block me for saying this. But I will not get my vaccine and my dad isn't going to either. I would rather not have an allergic reaction and possibly die from that. One person that was 39 years old and had two kids had her second dose of the vaccine and a few hours later she was rushed to the hospital for uncontrolled breathing and couldn't breathe and was hyperventilating from an allergic reaction and died. How about no thanks! Also the doctors wanted to tell her family that she didn't die from the vaccine and the family said she was healthy as a horse. So what that tells me is doctors don't want to woman up or man up and tell the truth that this lady had an allergic reaction and died. Also don't be telling me. You will be fine. Nothing won't happen. Yeah okay. No. Also a few people over 37 + had blood clots. So no thanks. Btw I rarely go out anyways. I go out once a week if a family member needs something. If the so said family member doesn't then I do my two week grocery shopping. I also take 🐟 Oil and 🍵 extract and 🍏 Cider for my general wellness health so don't be telling me oh I don't care about other people's well being most people find holistic wellness full of lies but I've not been sick for a year and a half. The most I ever had was digestion problems. But that's because I eat bad baha. After all this is my choice and isn't yours. So please whatever you do don't tell me I should cancel something because I won't as well as tell me I should get the vaccine because I won't either! So leave me alone about this. Also I think what is amusing is and is a s^hit load of f'uck. That when I posted Animal Crossing stuff on my 📸 page and I lost 5 followers over that. Now I can understand if I spammed the living daylights out of Animal Crossing on my page but no I didn't. Not like I care about this I'm just bring that up because man that's honestly so amusing because I never lost 5 + followers until I posted Animal Crossing stuff. Like wow that's a gigantic joke. I also think people get tired of me posting toys or shirts or food items I try on my 📸 page but do I really care? No but I guess that makes sense if you get tired of seeing the same content over and over then again then maybe that is a right idea to unfollow me. But why unfollow me when I upload photos of cats eh? Also should state if you have me on read for a few days but each day or every few hours you keep uploading stories or post and by then and at that point I'll remove your follow. Why? Because most of the time when I ask why've you not messaged me back? I'm busy. I don't have time to respond and I only have time to post something. Please. Your giving me text that is saying. I really have no interest in messaging you or don't care about messaging you and just leave me alone. Trust me sweet 🎂 I can read between the lines not that hard 🎂 🎭 Height is reaching at 5' probably because I'm bow legged has halted my growth and my sis is four inches taller than me and I'm half of her size as well I'm 92-96. 🐑/🐟 cusp. O positive or O negative I forgot. True and throughout full on Water Rooster. Natural bow legged. Both crooked pinky fingers. Also have bird feet. I don't get along with Bull people. Normally get along with Air and Fire people the most and Water. I seem to have an earthquake effect with Earth signs. Let me know what your Chiense Zodiac is because I'll be curious. You either A are with the 9 Divines or down with the Gods. Hail Loki as well 🎭

Who I'd like to meet:

🎧 Hook me up into a video game world 🎮 this is all I want to listen to I never notice till now Yasunori Mitsuda is my favorite composter. You can feel all sorts of vibes flowing inside your vessel. Holy fuk his music is special. I never played Xenogears but this is fu'cking beautiful. Hook me up to my headphones and let me listen to video game music forever! The only time you will ever see tears out of my demon eyes if a music piece is way too beautiful for me! Or something has really stricken my soul or something like that along those fancy pants line 🌚 I think [game music] is something that should last with the player. It's interesting because it can't just be some random music, but something that can make its way into the player's heart. In that sense, this not only applies to game music, but I feel very strongly about composing songs that will leave a lasting impression...What I must not forget is that it must be entertaining to those who are listening. I don't think there's much else to it, to be honest. I don't do anything too audacious, so as long as the listeners like it, or feel that it's a really great song, then I've done my job 🌚 Yasunori Mitsuda, 2008 interview 🌚 🚿 Contacts and other notes 🗒️ K☄️K GearSuitOfBahamut and S🌚C beelzebubpants 🌙 Also ask yourself this when sending me messages. Will I reply? If you think I won't then most defiantly I won't then haha. So I'm looking for what other people isn't looking for something lost in the day and age. As I don't flow well with modern dating. I'm looking for a relationship where courting is needed. So many guys would be clueless of what I'm talking about. I also think matching shampoo and body wash and other shower things and even hair brushes are so darn adorable🚿 🥪 so any incoming mail in the inbox for the VOID then address them here 🥪 by the way the only 🥪 I like are roast beef and cheddar or a cold turkey or ham with light mayo 🥪 I was raised to be picky/not accept your food and I was also never raised that you didn't have to eat every single thing on your plate I also will at a fast food place and restaurant take off sauce and veggies if there is something I don't like I also was raised eating fast food every single day is stupid and I'm only allowed two fast food meals every week and you eat at the house every single day and the thing was never about money and more or so that the fact eating out everyday is just stupid 🥪 Also a carrot 🎂 should only be made with 🥕 not no freaking pineapples or raisins just utter disgusting 👹

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