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"watching the tapes me and ur dad made"

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haii !! my name is valentine(or val !!), i enjoy games like stardew valley (best game eva), ddlc, hiveswap, dream daddy, smile for me, fnaf, ponytown, pesterquest, happy street, colorful stage, musedash, skullgirls, roblox, ACNH, minecraft, n many more ! i have a sorta typing quirk (i wuldnt rlly call it th@ but idk wut else 2 call it..) but if u dnt understand it jst tell me n i can stop 4 u !!!! if u eva wanna play games im always down !!! i dnt play royal high tho HAHAH ! if i dnt kno wut 2 talk abt i might get a little dry, n if i dnt kno how 2 respond i jst might not. special interests ; rocky horror, homestuck, smile for me, ddlc, sally face, metal family, falsettos, seals


i like metal. mainly thrash, heavy, and black metal though my favorite band is system of a down ( which is neither of those )


ALL the monster high movies, old bratz movies, friday the 13th's, Halloween's, scream's, resident evil's, invader zim, jennifer's body, carrie, girl interupted, tusk, american psycho, any tim burton movie, any ghibli studio movie, beetlejuice, heathers, mean girls, silence of the lambs, dc movies, the texas chainsaw massacre's, fight club, house of 1000 corpses, south park (bigger, longer n uncut !), shutter island, & ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW !!!!!!


law and order svu


fnaf collection, death note, homestuck, a ton of stupid little webtoons, junji ito collection, creepypasta, & dc comics (i rlly need 2 read more. :,3)


my boyfriend tommy

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About me:

haii im valentine/siren, im a guy !! feel free 2 txt me/add me !!

Who I'd like to meet:

INTERACT : autistic ppl, homestuck enjoyers, talkative ppl, ppl who understand bpd n will help me work around it( i literally luv u sm. ), ppl who like reptiles, if u will watch me play games on screen share, if u luv calling, n if u will play games W me. DNI : mcyt fans, stranger things fans(esp eddie stans), fatphobic, transphobic, homophobic, racist, ableist, kpop stans, disorder fakers, endo systems, xenogenders ( NEOPRONOUNS R OKAY !! DW ), spammers ( i get overstimmed n annoyed easily ), if u talk abt ur partner/crush 24/7 ( its so annoying bruhhh. ), & proship byf : i prefer calling over txting, i use emoticons ( not uwu n stuff ), i get cringed out easily, i talk n all caps a lot, i joke abt being str8 homophobic transphobic, i say slurs i can reclaim, i make a lot of sex jokes ( i dnt take it 2 far dw ), i will in fact tease / make fun of u abt stupid shit u do ( 1c again, i dnt take it 2 far ), i will ALWAYS b okay wit u venting 2 me jst dnt only vent, i wanna hav actual convos 2, i <3 meowing. :-(

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