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About me:

Roll up! Roll up! Come witness the Planeswalker who is always of 2 minds on everything. The fluid wonder, Sylvie Idalia!! A new vtuber walking onto the scene, a planeswalker who's spark ignited when their soul was split between two bodies, that they swap between each time they walk. Will mostly be doing magic arena content as of now. Premiering January 17th Schedule as of pre-debut Mondays 7/8-10 PM EST Magic the Gathering Night: I will be streaming MTG in one form or another. As of now that means Magic: Arena, though with the announcements that MODO may be getting revamped with new devs being brought on to help I may jump to it at some point. Now each week this will alternate, the first Monday each month will be standard, the second week will be limited, the third will be "eternals" (still debating on historic, but gladiator will be a big part, and if they ever get on pioneer expect a ton of that) and the final week will be the wild card, and we'll just go with what's feeling good that week Wednesdays 7/8-10 PM EST Others: This day will be a bit more flexible, and will probably change close to week to week, but this first month will be creative games to help break out and let people get a feel for us. So, though it's a cliché at this point, our first Wednesday will be Minecraft, second will be a game that has a special place in my heart, the village builder death simulator Banished, and then after that we'll wing it, might see about doing some collab streams on Wednesdays with those vtubers that are outside of the MTG Sphere, aka almost all other vtubers XD

Who I'd like to meet:

Other Vtubers, those into vtubing, artists, magic players, and all around cool people

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