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Expressing myself using stupid shit like this, anything older than I am, Soviet Memorabilia, and anything Dwarf related.


According to Spotistats, my favorite genre is Rock, followed by Pixel and Mellow Gold. My favorite bands/singers are Toby Fox, The Beatles, Wind Rose, Tenacious D, Oingo Boingo, That Handsome Devil, Petrojvic Blasting Company, Valve Studio Orchestra, Will Wood, Weird AL, IFA Wartburg, Lemon Demon, The Red Army Choir, Tenacious D, Hatsune Miku, Marty Robbins, MF DOOM, Wiener Philharmoniker, Ein Groses Bundesblasorchester mit Mannerchor, Tally Hall, Elvis Presley, Tenacious D Scatman John, Les Yeux Noirs, Kino, Muslim Magomayev, and Frank Sinatra. Did I mention Tenacious D? (My Spotify playlist is a mess. And yes, I am the guy who adds all of his songs into one playlist and then plays it on shuffle.)


Dr. Strangelove, Monty Python's Life of Brian AND Holy Grail, Forrest Gump, M, Citizen Kane, When The Wind Blows, Emesis Blue, and End of Evangelion.


M*A*S*H, Cowboy Bebop, Sopranos, Evangelion, Seinfeld (A Seinfeld poster hangs in my room. George Costanza watches over me when I sleep. He tells me to do silly things like murder), Monthy Python's Flying Circus, Breaking Bad, Narcos, Still Game, HLVRAI, Inside Job, Columbo, Serial Experiments Lain, and I recently started watching Azumanga because a friend told me to. I have watched a few other shows before but they were shit.

Video Games

My favorites are: Disco Elysium, Dwarf Fortress, TF2, Deltarune, Payday 2, Undertale, GMod, Papers Please, Total war Warhammer 1&2, Total War Napoleon, Total War Shogun II, Project Zomboid, Sam and Max Hit the Road, Don't Starve, The Stanley Parable, and most Valve Games.


Boring nerd shit. Mainly politics and international relations. But I also love a lot of other genres! Feel free to ask about what I'm currently reading or any other question! P.S Does Homestuck count? P.S.S if Homestuck counts do comics do too? P.S.S.S I haven't read any comics except for the TF2 ones but now I'm just curious P.S.S.S.S After doing extensive research (A Google search) I've come to the conclusion that comic books are books. So Homestuck counts. P.S.S.S.S.S off topic but I don't count the books assigned at school as books I've read or liked because A) They suck and B) It's not optional it's mandatory and that sucks.

Favorite books

Player Piano, Shadowplay by Tim Marshall, Why Nations Fail by Daron Acemoglu and James A Robinson, and The Shadow over Innsmouth! P.S these are just my favorite. I like all the books I read but these ones stand out.


I can speak Azeri, Russian , English, and I am learning German


Soldier TF2, Tarn and Zach Adams, Tolkien, Jerma, Ataturk, and Napstablook.

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About me:

He/him 16. Source Savant, Political Pseudo-Intellectual (No, I don't play HOI4. I have some dignity), Professional Putz, Doting on Deltarune, Disco Elysium Enjoyer.

Who I'd like to meet:

Anybody with similar enough interests. Although I do also enjoy talking with people who are very different from me because everybody deserves to get their voice heard. Except for people who want to take other peoples voices away and or abuse other people.

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thank you for adding me! :D you seem really cool

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Thanks for accepting! You're really cool too!

by Dawktor; ; Report

of course! thank you so much

by felikks; ; Report


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This is a cool page!

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amoski <3

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dude your music taste is heat, red army choir AND will wood?

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"become unpredictable... listen to anything that pops up on spotify to confuse your enemies... "
- Sun Tzu

by Dawktor; ; Report

Mitch McConnell

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hello my constituent :3 how are you

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I am feeling great because I am not a LIBERAL I am a red blue and white blooded American Patriot GRAAH :333333

by Dawktor; ; Report

thats the spirit

by Mitch McConnell; ; Report

alice :)

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THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am flattered.

by Dawktor; ; Report

ur welcome!! you deserve being called cool my guy!! :D

by alice :); ; Report