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19, she/her, aroace, esp/eng, intp 5w4

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visual kei/tanbi kei, nds games, indie rpg's, music, cats, hyenas, j-fashion, alt fashion, animanga, manhwas, bl/gl, horror games, dolls/figures, insects, fungi, weird aesthetics, pompompurin, chococat, ace attorney, pokémon (gen 5 <33), funamusea, segawa, kimi ga shine, lisa, harvest moon, hypnosis mic, omori, persona, the legend of zelda, twisted wonderland, witch's heart, evangelion, silent hill, resident evil 4, vocaloid, all saints street


lareine, shazna, plastic tree, malice mizer, gulu gulu, kaya, kaneto-juusei, fantôme iris, exist † trace, kebyo, buck-tick, cascade, xaaxaa, gackt, d'erlanger, raphael, croix allcine, develop one's faculties, bue, mindless self indulgence, tally hall, miracle musical, will wood and the tapeworms, teddy hyde, gorillaz, legolgel, psycho le cému


into the spiderverse/across the spiderverse, howl's moving castle, when marnie was there, kiki's delivery service, promare, umibe no etranger


my little pony, clone high, she-ra and the princesses of power, sanrio danshi, tokyo mew mew, mob psycho 100, serial experiments lain, nanbaka, orenchi no furo jijou, saiki k, space patrol luluco, little witch academia, kill la kill, death note, pet shop of horrors


ao3 fanfics, harada, syundei, sign language, le petit prince, animal farm, no longer human


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About me:

haii! ☆ ⌒ ヽ (* > 、 ^ *) my name is spica, you can also call me shrill or shiver. i'm new in spacehey and i'm looking for friends. i might not start convos because i'm kinda reserved but i'll try ♡ english is not my first language, so if i make any mistakes please point them out!

Who I'd like to meet:

any nice people i share interests with. please don't interact if you are under 15, fit basic dni criteria, post about gore/eating disorders or self-harm ☆ ミ (o _ _) o


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Rody/Norton ★

Rody/Norton ★'s profile picture

Your profile is super cute! Gen 5 is the best <3

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THANK UUU SM <3 you're righttt lol!! it's so good i don't want it to have any remakes because they will ruin it.. (¯ . ¯;)
i love your pfp btw

by /ᐠ - ˕ -マ spica ☆; ; Report

I knoww, it's amazing
And thank you <3 I love yours too Teto for the win

by Rody/Norton ★; ; Report


Glacier's profile picture


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SAMEE \(≧▽≦)/!! bw/bw2 are my favs game everr! and ur n pfp is so cutee i love him sm :3 <3

by /ᐠ - ˕ -マ spica ☆; ; Report

вера здесь?

вера здесь?'s profile picture

hi hii hello spica! ≧ᗜ≦ you are very cool i really like your profile and your taste in everything!! also i'm surprised to meet another harada enjoyer here (^ᴗ^)
im so glad you added me thank youu!!!

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hiii (人*'∀`)。* ゚ thank you soo much!! i love ur profile too :3 and your taste in games, may i ask what's ur fav?
omg yes, you like harada too ('。• ω •。')? i love their works sm!!!

by /ᐠ - ˕ -マ spica ☆; ; Report

fav games... hmm, it's hard to choose! hmmm let it be... omori;  undertale;  touch detective;  yo-kai watch (1 and 2!);  mario & luigi: dream team;  ace attorney!!! ^^ ☆☆☆and one day i'll finish every zelda game(i LOVE minish cap, twilight princess and majora's mask!!!!)!! i also play many rhythm games even though i'm kinda bad at them... (––") (oops maybe i listed too many games sorry hehe!)
i have a goal to read all of their works and i'm almost done with it >:3 btw btw which one is your favorite? (˶◑▽◐˶)

by вера здесь?; ; Report

i love omori and the minish cap too omg omg (ㅅ' ˘ ') i haven't played mm and tp yet but i plan to when i have some time!
i think i have a touch detective rom on my pc.. is it good? i have a lot of games there but idk what to play lol
i have read every single one of them but since i have memory issues i think i'll have to do it again υ´• ﻌ •`υ my faves are negative and poison & sex, yours?

by /ᐠ - ˕ -マ spica ☆; ; Report

suddenly, kittens!

suddenly, kittens!'s profile picture

hai!! :3 nice to meet you spica :D hope you're having a nice day! many hugs for ya!

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hai haii!! nice to met you too :3 tysm for the hugs~
u seem soooo cool btw, wanna be friends ૮ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ა?

by /ᐠ - ˕ -マ spica ☆; ; Report

yes yes yes!!:3 do u wanna chat? there's contact info on my profile! (click the pudding)

by suddenly, kittens!; ; Report

dvi || 19

dvi || 19's profile picture

hii i really like your profile and think you are really cool! I love the vkei artists you have on your list and some other stuff! i hope we get to talk sometime!

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omg thank uu sm (✿^‿^) you seem very cool too!! mind if we im?

by /ᐠ - ˕ -マ spica ☆; ; Report

omg sorry for seeing this so late, also yes!

by dvi || 19; ; Report

don't worry (*^‿^*)

by /ᐠ - ˕ -マ spica ☆; ; Report


iloveheriloverher's profile picture

poke no me contesta lo wasap acaso ya no me quieres o ke

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hola olvidonaa

by /ᐠ - ˕ -マ spica ☆; ; Report