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"gay cowboy strip club"

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Anything 90s or 00s.... anything considered weird, most art related things. i like anything horror as well!!!


Nu metal, industrial, breakcore; KoRn (obviously), NIN, Revolting Cocks (my 3 favorite bands ever) God lives underwater, slipknot, limp bizkit, linkin park, system of a down, snot, madkelly, primer 55, cold, powerman 5k, disturbed, kittie, drowning pool, saliva, mudvayne, hoobastank, KMFDM, static-x, ministry, 1000 homo djs, orgy, siouxxie sixxsta/slaywitme, rory in early 20s, nero's day at disneyland, 100 gecs, fraxiom/food house, luci4 (more than just bodypartz and dead n gone...), pinkpantheress, KFC murder chicks,


Fight club!!! the shining, interview with the vampire, donnie darko, silence of the lambs, the saw franchise, se7en, house of 1000 corpses


Jackass, daria, breaking bad, deathnote


Fight club. I dont really read much....


Dr. Pepper


I'm gay.
Jonathan Davis. Trent Reznor. Adam Stanheight (Saw). Trent Lane (Daria). Edward Norton. Tyler Durden (Both). Mike Shinoda. Rob Zombie. The Drowning Pool guitarist. Louis (Interview with the vampire). Johnny Knoxville. Steve-O. Chris Pontius. John Mulaney. David Draiman. Shavo Odadjian. Most characters in movies from the 00s that like metal and have buzzcuts. You. One of my friends. Wes Borland. Wes Anderson. Italian food. Tortilla Man from Slipknot. Fred Durst under some circumstances. Mad Kelly. People with gauges. Wayne Static. Trent Reznor's music or any music he is involved with making. Scooter Ward. Colin Gray (Jennifer's Body). Ian Mckinley (Final Destination 3). Boys i write about or make up in my head. Cheese and dairy products. Springtrap (FNAF). Matthew Lillard. Neil Cicierega. Everyone in my chemical romance except for the weird drummer that they kicked out.

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About me:

U are now hearing... Creep - Revolting Cocks

Gaywad freak who cares about music more than people.
click here 2 see who drew my PFP.
i have pretty severe social anxiety, so i wont message you or post blogs/bulletins a lot. Dont take any offense im just scared of everyone ever xD because of this, im also pretty bad at social interaction in the first place, so apologies if i seem weird to you, i promise im just trying to be nice!!!!. you can learn a lot more about me on my website(<-- click!) which i update pretty frequently.

i live and feed off music, and of course the blood of pretty boys. Im secretly a vampire after all :3 im a metalhead, but i loveee industrial goth and electronic shit. Trent reznor is the love of my life. Im also gay and aromantic, as well as a trans boy. Im autistic and i have several other mental illnesses. I live in a cave in the woods of the united states, where i draw and write all day.


Who I'd like to meet:

Anyone who's alt or likes weird creepy shit like me xD

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Perty The Virtual Musician

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🫶 💕 💞

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Hi! X3

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by Reggie; ; Report


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my jaw dropped when i saw this profile, we need to be friends immediately

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by Reggie; ; Report


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THX FOR THE ADD! i love ur profile sm its so cool and u seem super cool urself!! :D

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by Reggie; ; Report


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Hey ty for the add i love ur profile vry much u seems so kool!! and ur site is rad as hell too !!

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So cool I love ur profilee

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by Reggie; ; Report


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Thank you for accepting! ^^

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OFC U seem really kool :3

by Reggie; ; Report

Perty The Virtual Musician

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Hi! 💜🩵🩷

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HIII ^_^

by Reggie; ; Report

elsa !!

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bro you seem so cool!! love the layout too

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THANK YOU u seem cool too!!!! :-D

by Reggie; ; Report

thanks :D !!!

by elsa !!; ; Report

YW ^_^!!!

by Reggie; ; Report