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"get it all over, get it on me! 🎶 "

18y/o boy-ish dragon 🐉 artcred: tumblr user smallest-turnip!!

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Mood: PARTY TIME!! 🥳

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creative writing, playwriting, learning languages, idk?


glass animals, tally hall, neovaii, oingo boingo, toby fox, saint motel, miami horror, shawn wasabi, thundercat, rihanna, SZA, ABBA, outkast, hachi, Giga-P, joji, the wrecks, tyler the creator, talking heads, studio killers, grizfolk, lord huron, poppy, oh wonder, skott, half*alive, ella mai, coldplay, twenty øne pilots, gorillaz, lorde, kendrick lamar, cosmo sheldrake, madeon, porter robinson, samm henshaw *and more!!*






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About me:

LAYOUT MADE BY SPACEHEY USER BOYFAILURE!! THANK U!! with a few silly tweaks >:D hai!!! my name is richarlyson! i'm a fictive, so if you notice any similarities that's why! i'm a freshman music major (hence the gargantuan music section) and i loooove talking to people so much! i also love minecraft :3 i'm learning how to speak spanish, ptbr, and korean! i speak french, english, and a little bit of german already. i use a lotta emotes in my text and i make a lot of references all the time!!OH I ALSO USE TONETAGS

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any cool people who wanna hang out >:D

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cool profile photo

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YOU TOO!!!!!

by richarlyson ☘️; ; Report


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PURR BUDDIES!!! :D!! maybe tail wagging bros?? Hm??? grins soooo wide

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i would love to be tail wagging palslslslslss >:D what kinda tail do you have1!!

by richarlyson ☘️; ; Report

you should tell me if you have a custom quirk so we can quirktype at each other and trade....aha...unless

by richarlyson ☘️; ; Report

:O!! i have a rrreal tiny tail sadly docked australian shepard (im actually making a yarn tail of it rn >:3) and as for typing quirks it depends on my mood hehe

by Mikey💥; ; Report

THAHTS SO COOOL CTHATS SO SO COOL i've never thought of making a body dragon tail now ill look into it thta sounds so cute!!!and little wags are wags too >:D i think if i had one canon one itd be that fish gu(eridan)y bcuas i like doubling letters but i dont use w or v a lot so i would just type how i already do(badly) (typios)

by richarlyson ☘️; ; Report

typos are sooo sillies i typo a lot LMAO and i mainly use captor typisng quirks :3c ESP TUNAS M17UN4 H45 7H3 8357 7YP1NG QUU1RK 1N H0M357UCK M37H1NK5

by Mikey💥; ; Report

:33 < i mewsed to mewse nepeta's but furry much catpunned THAT was fun :3c AND I LOVE TUNAS ITS SO FUN AND PRETTY!! and t)(en t)(ere's fef's i ALWAYS FALL FOR T)(-E one's w)(o love to make t)(e puns its all fin and good /silly t)(at and aradias are easy and fun

by richarlyson ☘️; ; Report

AGREE ON THE PUNS i use a kinda knock off nepeta one sometiems too!! esp beclaws my meowrail is a LOT like equihiss hehehe and fish puns oar the SHIT for reel for reel >:3

by Mikey💥; ; Report

GRGRGRGRGGRGR THATS SO KYUTE/PAWS mewre so kewl im happy mew friended me >:DD

by richarlyson ☘️; ; Report

Y0UR R34LLY C00L 700 8R0!! 1M GL4D 1 F0UND UR PR0F!!

by Mikey💥; ; Report

Y0UR R34LLY C00L 700 8R0!! 1M GL4D 1 F0UND UR PR0F!!

by Mikey💥; ; Report

disorder jean

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I like ur profile!! ^^

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thank u!!! >:D

by richarlyson ☘️; ; Report


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tysm 4 the add!

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you're welcome >:D you seem super cool!!

by richarlyson ☘️; ; Report