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"i love hensley and tessa"

18, she/her, ohio

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i play roblox, minecraft, stardew valley, animal crossing, legend of zelda, genshin (i’m not weird), etc. i mainly watch my friends game though~

i still unironically watch minecraft youtubers; stampycat, yogscast, iballisticsquid, ihascupquake, zackscottgames, grian, technoblade, carflo, etc. i also watch other gaming yt like jacksepticeye, markiplier, inthelittlewood, sips, anything sims related tbh, game grumps, etc. I ALSO LOVE ASMR LIKE SO MUCH LMAO


my favorite artists rn are: miku, kagamine len, mitski, rio romeo, melanie martinez, tame impala, greta van fleet, the front bottoms, will wood, ajj, the oozes, vundabar, sir chloe, ICP, jack stauber, roar, deftones, mcr, green day, nirvana, the buttress, destroy bugs, lorde, chase petra, LOTS of musicals, steven universe+adventure time soundtrack, the walters, hozier, annapantsu, the amazing devil, jukebox the ghost, the tapeworms, sushi soucy, the neighborhood, fish in a birdcage, MINECRAFT AND FNAF SONGS, and the crane wives!! my tastes are always changing though xP GIVE ME MUSIC RECOMMENDATIONS I LOVE EVERYTHING ♡♡


i’m an avid movie enjoyer (i love watching weird movies with my bestie tessa) but my recent favorites have been barbarian, mother, the menu, cocaine bear, the saw franchise, and really obscure shock horror movies !! pls send any movie recs.

besides horror i’m really into 90’s-early 2000’s animated movies like atlantis the lost empire, road to el dorado, treasure planet, the iron giant, sin bad, prince of egypt, anastasia, etc. WE NEED MORE MOVIES LIKE THOSE!!!


ME AND TESSA LOVES THE WALKING DEAD RAHHH!!!! also i love south park, adventure time, the last of us, anything on TLC, criminal minds, supernatural, law and order svu, dateline, greys anatomy, desperate housewives, dance moms, the old mario cartoon, survivor, tdi, and mlp!! i go crazy for silly cartoons and psychological dramas

i’m also a big anime nerd so i luv blue exorcist, nana, bnha, assassination classroom, sailor moon, aot, ohshc, fire force, jjk, haikyuu, chainsaw man, blood lad, cowboy bebop, neon genesis evangelion, death parade, soul eater, ergo proxy, 91 days, black butler, naruto, one piece, your lie in april, mushi shi, angels of death, etc. AGAIN GIVE ME RECS PLSPLSPLS


the hunger games, the maze runner, all rick riordan series, girl in pieces, diary of a wimpy kid, restore me, lord of the flies, then she was gone, thirteen, holding up the universe, no longer human, anything by stephen king, if all cats disappeared from the world, and a lot of poetry books or manga!!!


my heroes are my besties tessa + hensley and my mommy (rest in peace)


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hot moms and gamers!!!! ppl who are silly just like me and have the same interests so we can hold toes


DNI: conservative, <17, dsmp, antisemitic, homophobic, racist, any other gross thing xx

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LAST ACTIVE 2 DAYS AGO??? how lame

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by ☆plebby ☆; ; Report

so we're LYING now??

by hensley✧; ; Report

lala ♡

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awww!! you seem like such a wholesome fun person!!/gen

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omg tysm!!!!!! you seem really cool and i love ur profile :)

by ☆plebby ☆; ; Report


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hello there, jarmbi, i believe you meant to say PLEBBY (which is what my name is; not plemby). please do not make this mistake in the future!

by ☆plebby ☆; ; Report


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why do you only mention Tessa on ur profile I’m here too bitch

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yeah yeah whatever

by ☆plebby ☆; ; Report

Spongy 🧽 *:・゚✧

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Thx 4 the add!

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no problem!! love urr layout :p

by ☆plebby ☆; ; Report

Thank you :)

by Spongy 🧽 *:・゚✧; ; Report


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shittin your pants?

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by ☆plebby ☆; ; Report


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