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"listening to CDs "

he/it/horror themed neos (e.g. gore, knife)

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video games: persona 5 royal, okami, katamari damacy, hi-fi rush, stardew valley, pokemon (d&p, x&y), phoenix wright, disco elysium, gore screaming show, animal crossing: wild world, flight rising, hylics, fear and hunger

making stuff: drawing digitally and traditionally, painting, abstract art, art history, subculture history, customizing everything i own, writing, journalism, penpalling (e-mail and snail mail), beginner music production

tech: console restoration, customizing the code on all my tech, collecting cds, file organization, making playlists


names: deftones, slipknot, black flag, sitcom, korn, steve miller, aphex twin, nirvana, hole, tribe 8, hemlocke springs, bôa, machine girl, sewerslvt, lamp, utsu-p, evanescence, alice in chains, papa roach, godsmack, kittie, femtanyl, the doors, ruby, foo fighters, tv girl, tub girl, system of a down, pink floyd, pearl jam, duster, lady gaga, the katamari damacy ost, the moldy peaches, tool, radiohead, cosmo sheldrake, dead kennedys, o. wake, louie zong, wu-tang clan, they might be giants, queen, gorillaz, jw francis, tottomori, radiofry, david byrne, eyedress

genres: nu metal, classic punk, queercore, riotgrrrl, prog metal, noise metal, speedcore, horrorcore, surf rock, breakcore, shitcore, noisecore, dnb, extratone, hypertone, stoner metal, 70s rock, 90s rock, grunge, experimental, shoegaze, soft rock, indie, honestly anything obscure, weird, or gross


films: american psycho, the boy and the heron, almost famous, legally blonde, the breakfast club, videodrome, crash, hackers, barbie, clue, oscar, tron (including tron legacy), treasure planet, the guinea pig series, any documentaries or indie films

creators: david croneberg, hayao miyazaki, satoshi kon, bong joon-ho, david lynch, greta gerwig, wes anderson 


twin peaks, death note, wwdits, mp100, nbc hannibal, neon genesis evangelion, serial experiments lain, fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood, firefly, lucky star, nichijou, skullface bookseller, flcl, jojo


actual books: frisk, zen and the art of motorcycle repair, on anarchism, thick, women race & class, otessa moshfegh's work, discworld, the vegetarian, our voice of fire, tolkein's work, this is how you lose the time war, c.s. friedman's work, osamu dazai's work, the haunting of hill house, the murderbot diaries, dean koontz's work, pure color, kafka's work, we have always lived in the castle, annihilation, steal this book, exquisite corpse, convenience store woman, piranesi, snow crash, any nonfiction book on current events i can get my hands on.

comics: calvin and hobbes, dorohedoro, chainsaw man, flcl (the manga is different i'll die on that hill), death note, parasyte, blame!, emanon, children of the sea, yotsuba&!, azumanga daioh, dungeon meshi


trans weirdos, queers, freaks, deviants, perverts, and everyone else that gets estranged for having a good time <3

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About me:

queer, punk, muslim.

one of those guys with a million obscure interests.

 𓆩 𝔗𝔦𝔣𝔣 𓆪 made this layout.

feel free to message me or send frqs, i'll talk all day if you let me.

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cat kittycat

Who I'd like to meet:

other queer people, especially if we share interest in music or horror.

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satoshi kon is GOATED, btw ty for the add u seem so cool :D

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he totally is!! also ty, so do you :D

by PLASTIC//MEAT; ; Report


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lol yaoi warning, luv ur profile btw (i should listen 2 machine girl more often)

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Machine Girl is the besttt

by PLASTIC//MEAT; ; Report

˚✩。⋆vic ⋆。˚(matea's wife)

˚✩。⋆vic ⋆。˚(matea's wife)'s profile picture

cool profile, your taste is amazing!!

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thank you, so is yours!!

by PLASTIC//MEAT; ; Report


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thnx for the add :+) ur 'heroes' section is so based. also what an extensive list of books!! any current reads?

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thank you!! and YES actually I'm currently reading The Harpy and I'm literally obsessed!! I'm also reading Fear Nothing by Koontz and Still Broke by Wartzman!!

by PLASTIC//MEAT; ; Report

the harpy by 'megan hunter'? if so.. looks awesome. i'll totally check these out during my breaks at work. permission to yell about them in IMs after (y/n)?

by áine; ; Report

absolutely, please do!! and yes, that novel.

by PLASTIC//MEAT; ; Report


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by PLASTIC//MEAT; ; Report


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by PLASTIC//MEAT; ; Report

silas ☆

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thx sm 4 the add !! i LUV ur page omg, nd CALNE CA PFP <333

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omg thank youuu, and YESSS

by PLASTIC//MEAT; ; Report


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correct me if I'm wrong but is THAT CALNE CA??

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it totally is!!! thanks for noticing

by PLASTIC//MEAT; ; Report


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banger music taste

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thank you!! <3

by PLASTIC//MEAT; ; Report


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currently growing my stamp and blinkie collection.

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