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"Sonny Moores secret boyfriend"

MP3: For The Taking - From First To Last

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I am 17 and I like Music, writing, creepypasta, poetry, internet, skating, fine arts, Johnnie Guilbert and Jake Webber, internet horror games, violent shit, and youtube commentary. I like more than that but my minds shooting blanks. 17, US, Geet, Music, sk8 Small, simple, safe price Rise the wake and carry me with all of my regrets This is not a small cut that scabs, and dries, and flakes, and heals And I am not afraid to die I'm not afraid to bleed and fuck and fight I want the pain of payment What's left, but a section of pygmy-size cuts Much like a slew of a thousand unwanted fucks Would you be my little cut? Would you be my thousand fucks? And make mark leaving space for the guilt to be liquid To fill and spill over and under my thoughts My sad, sorry, selfish cry out to the cutter I'm cutting trying to picture your black, broken heart Love is not like anything Especially a fucking knife


★Post-Hardcore(screw me nicely *drools*), Screamo, Emo, Indie Rock, 90s Rock, Britpop, Goth, EDM, Scene shit, Rock, Soft Rock, Metal (more the emo side), little bit of Metalcore and Rock 'n' Roll. I probably know a lot of random shit, DM and I shall respond about music...or recommend me shit.★ (There was just way too many bands here) x


★Mirror Mask (2005)★ Dead Poet Society (1989)★ Fight Club (1999)★ My own private Idaho (1991)★ Stand By Me (1986)★ Dark Harbor (1998)★ Six Ways To Sunday (1997)★ Boondock Saints(1999)★ Breakfast club (1985)★ Donnie Darko (2001)★ Scott pilgrim (2010)★ Girl, interrupted (1999)★ Requiem for a dream (2000)★ mysterious skin (2004)★ My Suicide (2009)★


★Breaking bad★ Malcolm in the middle★ boy meets world★ The Walking Dead★ Shameless★


★They both die at the end - Adam Silvera★/// Call me by your name - André Acimen★/// Lie With Me -Phillipe Besson★/// Portrait of a Young Man Drowning - Charles Perry★/// I Must Betray You - Ruta Sepetys★


★Liam/Noel Gallagher★

★Robert Smith★ ★Thom Yorke★ ★Adam Lazzara★ ★Buddy Nielsen★

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★17, US, Geet, Music, sk8★ ---------------------- ★I looove music it's pretty much all I talk about. Right now I'm super into Silverstein, From First To Last and Taking Back Sunday.★ about you goes here !! Transparent White Star

Who I'd like to meet:

★Adam Lazzara★
────── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ────── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──────

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Madison Brown

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what is your profile song right now? .. I love it. lol.

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ok.. For the Taking - From First to Last.
effing LOVE from First to Last. lol

by Madison Brown; ; Report

XD I love em to they're sooo underrated esp their stuff without sonny

by Xx_Piinkertonn_xX; ; Report

miles !

miles !'s profile picture

ur profile is sickk !!1!! x33

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by Xx_Piinkertonn_xX; ; Report

thank uu :P

by miles !; ; Report


Mira's profile picture

Ur profile is so swag

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You’re so cool thank you X_x

by Xx_Piinkertonn_xX; ; Report


Rin's profile picture

W music taste, i'd blast ur playlist X3

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THANK U its literally all i listen to

by Xx_Piinkertonn_xX; ; Report


✰jelly𖤓's profile picture

I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR PROFILE!!! taking back sunday iz sooo good

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by Xx_Piinkertonn_xX; ; Report


SunnieScrimbloz's profile picture

I LOVE SILVERSTEIN BROO I'm seeing them in december !!

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NO WAY me too!! dec 12!

by Xx_Piinkertonn_xX; ; Report


by SunnieScrimbloz; ; Report

vel venomous ☣︎

vel venomous ☣︎'s profile picture

hey u seem supa cool! luv ur music taste btw! >,<

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OMG NO WAY BRO last night when i friended you i was literally playing Still Dreaming and got so confused thinking the song started over LOL

by Xx_Piinkertonn_xX; ; Report


by vel venomous ☣︎; ; Report


by Xx_Piinkertonn_xX; ; Report


Wubzilla's profile picture

Awesome profile!

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by Xx_Piinkertonn_xX; ; Report


sixxofheartss's profile picture

Haii!! Thx so much 4 the add!! <33

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HI yes ofc i lov ur pfp

by Xx_Piinkertonn_xX; ; Report


Lesly'sLullaby's profile picture

ty 4 the add! ur page looks so kewl :o!

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thnks :D u look so awesome

by Xx_Piinkertonn_xX; ; Report


✰jelly𖤓's profile picture

thx 4 requestin. luv ur profile

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thnks!! u2 i love simon

by Xx_Piinkertonn_xX; ; Report


☆VAMPBOYMATT☆'s profile picture

Thx 4 da add and very nice profile!!! ^_^ cool that u like the Beatles n green day and so many more XD

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Yez I’m the biggest Beatles fan evur!!!! ^_<

by Xx_Piinkertonn_xX; ; Report

Me TOO!!!! I luv them SMM they're 1 of ma fave bands!!

by ☆VAMPBOYMATT☆; ; Report


spicyhi12345's profile picture

ty for the add!! UR PROFILE IS SO COOL!!!

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THX!! Yours too you have such good taste

by Xx_Piinkertonn_xX; ; Report


finnfuckingtastic's profile picture

TBS is awesome, I have two of their albums on vinyl. Epic profile, very neat!

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I have that limited TAYF one :D I love them so desperately

by Xx_Piinkertonn_xX; ; Report

Lucky!! That's fucking awesome

by finnfuckingtastic; ; Report


takingbreak's profile picture


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im giggling so hard what

by Xx_Piinkertonn_xX; ; Report

im giggling so hard what

by Xx_Piinkertonn_xX; ; Report

Madison Brown

Madison Brown 's profile picture

omggg, yessss Good Charlotte!!!

lmao. when I clicked on your page

& your song started playing

I literally screamed yesssss out loud

at my computer. lmao


& Taking Back Sunday's

Tell All Your Friends album

has been the most influential l album in my life.

Your profile just had me going

yessss over and over again.


Thanks for the add! :)


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Tysm!! Omg XD yes I love good Charlotte and tbs soooo much tell all your friends is my favorite album EVER it’s the greatest.

by Xx_Piinkertonn_xX; ; Report


CaesarOrzell's profile picture

The amount of effort you put into this truly astounds. You are the true and honest Adam Simp, I'm bowing down to you!!! (シ_ _)シ

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AHAH thank you i love adam sm XD

by Xx_Piinkertonn_xX; ; Report

Understatement of the year

.. same tho

by CaesarOrzell; ; Report

LMAOO adam is everything

by Xx_Piinkertonn_xX; ; Report


XxX_Tree_XxX's profile picture

Thanks for the add (//_-)>~*

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OFC!! cool hair

by Xx_Piinkertonn_xX; ; Report

bro thanks! had it for about a decade.

by XxX_Tree_XxX; ; Report

miss bunny

miss bunny's profile picture

girl interrupted and Malcolm in the middle, ur too fine <3

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thankss! XPP

by Xx_Piinkertonn_xX; ; Report


xXChaoticMonsterXx's profile picture

Tysm 4 the add!! Swag profile :D

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Thanks :D yours too you look awesome I love the hair

by Xx_Piinkertonn_xX; ; Report

Tysm!!! :D

by xXChaoticMonsterXx; ; Report