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"watching secret life (scott pov CHEER)"

16, trans, arguably wanted by the state, incapable coder

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▪ life smp
▪ hermitcraft
▪ empires smp
▪ new life
▪ rendog in general


▪ Good Omens
▪ Doctor Who (Nine & Ten fans ILY)
▪ Puss in Boots
▪ The Milkman of St. Gaffs
▪ Visage! (my ocs)
▪ Mario Bros. (i am bowuigi CEO)
▪ LOZ (mostly ss + botw/totk)(im a sidlink + zimpa luver)


los campesinos!, sodikken, lemon demon, oingo boingo, steam powered giraffe, the crane wives, the oh hellos, crying, jukebox the ghost, rio romeo, crywank, the scary jokes, roar, indigo de souza, radiator hospital, queen, stomach book, girls rituals, and glass beach


Coryxkenshin, Markiplier, Technoblade, pretty much every Hermit, Try Guys, Sinjin Drowning, Watcher, Wendigoon, Danny Gonzalez, Kurtis Conner, Drew Gooden, Nickisnotgreen, Hank Green, GMM, DenisDaily, Slimecicle


itsv, astv, puss in boots: the last wish, puss in boots 2011, nimona, the mario movie, all of kung fu panda, surfs up, the lorax


gravity falls, the owl house (dalador ily), ducktales 2018 (DAVID TENNANT.), brba, NCIS (NCIS FANS PLEASE SAY HI I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS SHOW) the adventures of puss in boots, total drama, bungo stray dogs (#1 atsushi liker)


im pretty much illiterate, BUT! good omens, warrior cats, & nimona


my bsfs, my dog, my younger siblings, art, & transgenderism

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About me:

hiiii im phillip (or phil lolz)

it/its/xe/xem, any prns + neos but she/he/they

song is meepcity theme

Wii Pointer #1 Tilt Normal

Who I'd like to meet:

nyone whos chill \(^_^) as long as you arent evil incarnate idrc

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BRO I LOVE YOUR PROFILE SM the meepcity music brings back so many memories also we have alot in common and you seem like a really cool and nice person :D

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AHHH THANK YOU MAN, I LOVE YR PAGE TOO BTW IT IS FREAKING WICKED💥💥!!!!!!!! i havent played meepcity since lik... 2018 or sumn LMAO, but the music has been my anthem since i first played it bro istg. that shit goes HARD!!!!!! an ik bro :DD! once i saw yr mic pfp i already thought you were cool, but then i saw all yr other interests and BOOM, even cooler!!!!!

srry 4 the late response btw, but its nice 2 meet you bro! you seem wicked asf ^_^

by ph1l; ; Report


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Yo, thanks for doing profile stuff on my account it’s flippin’ sick!
I’d pay you but I’m dirt poor :(

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np man! :3

by ph1l; ; Report

marian michel

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im just naturally awesome and cool and also awesome (i have no idea what im doing)


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DUDE YOUR PROFILE'S AWESOME!! we've got so many shared interests + i like your blinkies a lot ++ you seem so so cool :D thanks for accepting

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RAHHHHH THANK YOU!!!!! :DDD AN BRO. lit rally while i was reading yr interests my jaw freaking DROPPED, i wouldve listed them all when i commented on yr page but there was lit rally SO many LMAOAOA. an np man you seem dope as hell, ty for sendin a request :333!!!!!

by ph1l; ; Report

AHHHHHH THATS SO REAL THATS HOW I FELT SEEING YOUR PAGE! i saw your pfp and name and went "whoa this is for sure someone cool" N I WAS RIGHT! if you have mc we should play /nf

by toby; ; Report

SORRY 4 SUCH A LATE RESPONSE OHMYGOAWSH.... but i would be so down 2 play mc with you!!!!!!!! i haven't played multiplayer mc in like. 2 years tho. so be WEARY, i love mc but i am dreadfully terrible at it god bless 🫡🫡 i also only have bedrock, idk if thatll be an issue, but im /PRETTY/ sure you have both so i think itll be fine! :3 (i could be mistaken tho orz)

by ph1l; ; Report

IT'S OKAY I'M SURE YOU AREN'T AWFUL! also i have both yes so it will not be an issue :D

by toby; ; Report