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Stuff and things.


August Burns Red
RHCP (forever)
John Frusciante
Dallas Green


Donnie Darko
Anything with Liam Neeson. Man, that dude rules.


Stranger Things
Black Mirror
The OA My Name is Earl


It’s Been A While.


You. You’re my hero.

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Action Cat

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Thanks for the add! :D

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Thanks for the add! 🥀💫

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Echoes of Savages

Echoes of Savages's profile picture

Hey! Thanks for the add! Hope you have a great weekend!

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Samii La' Morte

Samii La' Morte's profile picture

Hey, thanks for the add,
Hope you're having a great day

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Hey thank you! It’s Friday night, we’ve got a familiar ‘space, and life is good! Hope you’re having a good one too! 🤘🏻 What’s your favorite donut?

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~*~Coral~*~'s profile picture

You just made my day acknowledging The OA! Is there a word stronger than pissed on this scale? I might be a little extra here, but I spent two days learning the movements after it was canceled (great work out, I was sore for a week). I hope that Brit and Zal at least come out with a book someday, I need to know how it ends.

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Epic, not extra. The show blew my GODDAMN mind with that wall break. I need more. I NEEEEEED IT! I was so happy to see that someone else really liked it! :) Unfortunately not many people know about it, it seems!

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Morgan Madewell

Morgan Madewell 's profile picture

amazing layout :D

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Thank you! Werkin on it! I can never decide what I wanna do with stuff like this! I’ve appreciated your tips along the way :) I have to try it alllll!

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bbpickle's profile picture

obsessed w ur background ; very tasteful

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Thank you!!! I’m a fan of all the ghibli stuff :) such lovely vibessssss

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I cracked up at ur comment about the clay pool building dudes on YouTube bwuahaha that is THE ONLY WAY that anyone should ever fall asleep haha

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It works like a charm! They’re incredible though, so occasionally I’ll be even more awake like “No way. HOW?”

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Kathryn Chill

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I don’t have the greatest advice for workouts. I don’t have a strict routine, I just try to move around as much as possible. I also have this thing that I call the “butt machine” and it’s this workout equipment that helps me do squats. I bought it impulsively one night after seeing a Facebook ad for it and it’s fucking great.

Also, please tell me your stonks comment was related to the stonks meme because the stonks meme + all variations of that meme are some of my favorite memes of all time.

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I definitely have to figure something out! I have a bench here but I need to work on overall strength, so it’s gonna be time to start doing more core for me!

And yessss stonks guy is hilarious! I always laughed at anything with that big long dopey silver head in it and then I started investing and following other investors on Twitter and Reddit and now it’s even more funny hahaha :P

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Privet from the land where the sun forever shines! :D
Thanks for being a friend!
Would some sparkling wine suit you (too)?

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garbagecanloser's profile picture

RHCP 4ever, yes ♡︎

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Heeeeellll yeah! If you had to pick one tune... what would it be?

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Xthanks for the add Pat!!X ️💋

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Niki FM

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thanks! I do love my music 🖤

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Bryce SceneQueen

Bryce SceneQueen's profile picture

Thnx 4 the add

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thanks for the add my dude, I am sad for you to see chara go. For the best likely but still sad to see a staple walk

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It feels like losing a grandparent! I would have rather he retired, but I’m hoping we get eventually some new speed to skate circles around him in Washington lol

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Hey Im Miggy jai I'm a graphic designer
hit me up whenever!

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thanks for the add ♡

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Thanks for accepting! First comment. This is exciting haha. I feel young again.

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