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Dad, husband, IT nerd, Pai Sho player, linguaphile

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Computer technology Language Learning/Linguistics History Natural sciences (astronomy, physics, chemistry, etc) Violin and music theory


Recent cool music find: Silent End by Creepingnet


The Munsters Rating: 5/5 for campy horror throwback without the cringe. A love letter to old school monster movies and the original Munsters show.


 tar Trek: Discovery Loving it, can't watch Anthony Rapp without seeing Mark Cohen (his character from RENT) in a ST uniform though. Keep waiting for him to talk about making a movie.

The Mandalorian

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

Current/Most Recent Anime: Toradora (am I the only one who thought the voice actress for Taiga also played Toph in AtLA at first?  Seriously, I had to check on IMDB)

Sakura Quest >/a> I'm a sucker for slice of life comics, shows, and anime (somehow anime does SoL best). Currently on Episode 7, will probably finish the show by the end of next week. So far loving how the main characters are working to revive the town. Hoping Sanae and Tatsuo have something going on later in the show. She's obviously the oldest and having some issues finding confidence in the direction her life has gone in and he's got a passion that could do well to rub off on her (*badum-tsh* seriously, though, it's like a PG level show, ain't none of that going to be on screen)


You are dead (please sign here) Amazing series for anyone who loves Hitchhiker's Guide style wry humor with deus ex machina impossibilities. (non-affiliate link)


Be the you that Mr. Rogers knew you can be.

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known. - Sharon Begley

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Discord: paishocajun Tonic: paishocajun TrustSocial/Wikit: cajun

Neocity: currently under thoughtful deliberation on what/how to do with/on a personal website.

 If i randomly comment on your blog, it's because I got bored, checked out recent blog posts on this site, and thought yours was interesting. Never going to spread hate, though maybe sarcasm from time to time.

Who I'd like to meet:

Anyone who can give me a good quote or has a good story to tell.

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Super cool profile!

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Thanks! Felt like going old school

by Pai Sho Cajun; ; Report

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I know exactly what you mean by the jelly donuts!

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