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★ I am scared of ghosts, i love old technology, diving into old inactive fun sites, and playing RPG with my friends (Not only D&D!!), i draw and write since i was a kid, i dye-it-myself and sew clothes, i adore teather plays and looking foward to start acting too. I mostly play indie horror games, music rhythm (Ps2 Guitar Hero and Pjsekai mostly), beat-'em-up, and storyline games. I like taking care of flowers, and goth books, and indie comics. I am a bit awkward but i enjoy random talks!! ★


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★ Fan of Goth Rock, Darkwave, Punk, and Emo subgeneres. But i really like any type of music. Music is bad if it comes from a bad person. ★


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Nosferatu, Crypt Of The Vampire, Vampyr, Mark of the Vampire, Dracula, Interview With The Vampire, Saw, Opal, Child's Play, Beetlejuice, Fantastic Mr Fox, Grave Of The Fireflies, Brokeback Mountain, Requiem For A Dream, Lisa Frankenstein, Frankenstein, The Crow, Sweeney Todd, Saw, Life On The Murder Scene, Silence Of The Lambs, When Marnie Was There, Possibly In Michigan. [...]


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Doctor House, Hannibal NBC, Sherlock BBC, The Sandman, Midnight Mass, Warrior Nun, Good Omens, IWTV, A Series Of Unfortunate Events, Chucky, The Umbrella Academy, Arrowverse, Breaking Bad, Sweet Tooth, Prison Break, Atypical, Don't hug me I'm scared, Killing Eve, I'm Not Okay With This, The End Of The F***cking world, [...]


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Carmilla, The Vampire Chronicles, The Crow (James O'Barr), The Crow (Edgar Allan Poe), Sherlock, The Book Thief, Sandman, John Constantine, National Anthem, Sweet Tooth, Sangatsu No Lion, O Segredo Na Floresta [...]. Anything by Gerard Way or Neil Gaman, indie comics and DC comics.


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Silly Online Quizes :3


Hedgehogs are stupidly spiky.

Link: Web Animal Guardian

76% A Loser

Not A Loser By Us.

Link: Are You A Loser?


Carefree, Playful, Energetic.

Link: What Pokemon Are You?



Obsessive Compulsive Detective.

Link: What Detective Are You?

Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural

Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural

Who I'd like to meet:


Zionist, homophobic, transphobic, racist, ableist, nazist, pedo, shotacon/lolicon, fetisher, rad feminist, rightist, ppl who post non-con, incest, and/or raceplay content, gore pages, doesn't respect religion/imposes your own religion, makes fun of people's body, is in shedtwitter or any type of self harm/eating disorder >encouragement< circle, supports zoophilia,


My dm's are open, i might be a little awkward but i'll be interested in any topic you talk!! I have the habit of typing in all caps when i'm very excited/interested in the topic, i also use simple text faces (:D :) :( ^^ :3) but i'll probably copy your message style if you don't use.

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I love the album bit on your profile!! did you code that yourself??

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⸝⸝ ꒰ Angel Food 🍒ㆍ₊⊹

⸝⸝ ꒰ Angel Food 🍒ㆍ₊⊹'s profile picture

hiiii js wanted to say i love ur page!! tysm 4 adding me and i look forward 2 seeing u around the internet <3

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Thank u so much i love you page too!! ^^ U seem genuinely so cool, and if ur band releases something please feel free to call me i'd super love to listen to it, doesn't matter the music genre <3

by ♪ Jack ♪; ; Report

STOP YOURE TOO SWEET IM GONNA GET A CAVITY!!! i def will!!! feel free to DM anytime bc u seem super cool n I'd <3 2 chat w u a bit more <3 xoxo

by ⸝⸝ ꒰ Angel Food 🍒ㆍ₊⊹; ; Report


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i love your layout aswell!

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THIS IS SO SWEET thank you very much!! :DD

by ♪ Jack ♪; ; Report