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I'm into pretty much anything!! ^^ i will listen to you talk about your interests all day :3 (◕‿◕)♡ I like videogames n stuffz I'm really into story based gamez ^^ All time favorite game is totes Ryu Ga Gotoku!!!!! Also I'm a huge fan of Visual Kei >w<


Anything Visual Kei! I also like these genres: jazz metal (any kind >:3) pop (Mainly jpop lolz!^^) rock ------------------------- Recommend me bands you like! ^w^ If you want a more detailed list then.... here!! ^^^ Hideki saijo, LUCIFER LUSCIOUS VIOLENOUE (Im a huge fan of hers lolz) Pikarin, malice mizer, dir en grey, gulugulu, kaneto juusei, dadaroma, the gazette, zombie, existtrace, lynch, deviloof, mejibray, dimlim, bucktick, xjapan, hide, l'arc-en-ciel, ACME, the madna, D'espairsray, Intial L, Dezert, jiluka, versailles, the gallo, seotaiji, Nazare, Kiryu, arlequin, due le quartz, sukekiyo, Sadie, sick2, dazzlingbad, ladybaby, kizu, fixer, 0.1gnogosan, nightmare, fruitpochette, xaaxaa, diaura, golden bomber, the yellow monkey, seikima-II, SHAZNA, ancafe, sincrea, Raphael, Judy and mary, ryuichi kawamura, EXILE, takaya kuroda&goodfellas, Mai kuraki, GLAY, shinsei kamattechan, girugamesh, miyavi, SuG, Alice nine, MUCC, 12012, LM.C, jun togawa, LAREINE, HIZAKI, D'ERLANGER, Jupiter, femme fatale, kamijo, plastic tree, atarashii gakko, marionette, cascade, Luna sea, la'veil mizeria, kikuo, kuroyume, D, A, rentrer en soi, cali≠gari, SaTaN, Piass, Vidoll, FtC(fanatic crisis), Scissor, KuRt, BLEACH, anemone, maschera, La'chryma christi,, luinspear, MoNoLith, Rshitei, virgil, Inoran, kiyoharu, daizystripper, dear L'Novel, Kishidan, breakers, daigo stardust, bump of chicken, megaromania, Scarlet Valse, misaruka, pr0t0type, ramiel, a:vout, Black Gene for the Next Scene, Kalen, secilia Luna, Ru:natic, IZABEL VAROSA and i also rlly like vocaloid :)


I like movies with lots of gore in it :D* If you want to follow me on letterboxd, myanimelist or mydramalist i will leave my users at the bottom of this blurb lolz ^^ big fan of movies and tv so please do recommend me things! letterboxd: psychokillerl mydramalist: mikurinrin myanimelist: cuwwiee pls giv me a follow lolz!


i like ANIME!!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I rlly like Lain >W< and Watamote!! Currently reading Beserk >:3 It rlly is gud B)


I like the book Heaven by Mieko Kawakami :) Heard it's sad so lolz >:) I need to read more books but im slowly starting my collection >:)


The original Vesther :3

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Hello im Vesther :3 i am 17yrs old lololz looking for friends who r neets....BUT IF YOU AREN'T THATS COOL TOO!!! (i'm desperate for friends) Firefly Pointer

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