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Anyway here's my favourite stupid copy pasta creepy pasta ✨✨✨ man & girl go out to drive under moonlight. they stop at on at a side of road. he turn to his girl and say: "baby, i love you very much" "what is it honey?" "our car is broken down. i think the engine is broken, ill walk and get some more fuel." "ok. ill stay here and look after our stereo. there have been news report of steres being stolen." "good idea. keep the doors locked no matter what. i love you sweaty" So the guy left to get full for the car. after two hours the girl say "where is my baby, he was supposed to be back by now". then the girl here a scratching sound and a voice say "LET ME IN" The girl doesn't do it and then after a while she goes to sleep. the next morning she wakes up and finds her boyfriend still not there. she gets out to check and man door hand hook car door.


Brian David Gilbert's stuff is shit I cry to, Hozier, Mitski and like the How To Train Your Dragon soundtrack right now.


Both Paddington films are absolutely lovely, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, How To Train Your Dragon and Knives Out -> all probably my favourites. Idk if it counts as one but I cry every time I watch Red Dwarf: The Promised Land.


I don't watch a lot of TV but I'm really into these shows rn: Taskmaster, Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, Red Dwarf, ATLA and the Don't Hug Me I'm Scared TV episodes. What I'm watching soon: YellowJackets. Do I count The Magnus Archives and Stellar Firma here? Both are fictional podcasts but are definitely closer then being books or films.


Currently reading: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Actual favourite that I just finished: Metamorphosis (Franz Kafka) I wanna finish like half of my books but they're SOOOO thick it's draining. Idk where to count these at but I'm really into the Scott Pilgrim comics and I'm a fan of manga such as Bungou Stray Dogs, Moriarty The Patriot and Fullmetal Alchemist (just listing my three favourites right now).


Idk. I once saw a guy rescue a pigeon from being run over so I'll say him. I'm a lesbian but honestly Brandon Routh <3

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Idk. Watch as my pfp changes back and forth between Todd and Roxie cause I'm indecisive. Really into Pokémon, Scott Pilgrim and Red Dwarf rn. Probably the big three.

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Really anyone cool that shares similar interests to me. Naturally funny people are excellent to be around. I'll think of something more specific to add later.

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