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"sorry for being inactive πŸ˜­πŸ™πŸ½"

"i'm not for your propaganda mister!!"

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UNDERTALE β˜… DELTARUNE β˜…Brawl Stars β˜… Legos β˜… Little big planet (NOUABHHHH) β˜… Homestuck β˜… Andy's Apple Farm β˜… Regretevator β˜… Phighting β˜… Final Fantasy 6 β˜… Chikn Nugget β˜… Bad End Theatre β˜… DDLC β˜… Touhou β˜… Fnaf β˜… Sally Face β˜… Law Of Talos + Endzone β˜… Nyan Cat β˜… Cookie Run Kingdom β˜… Animals β˜… Art β˜… Space β˜… Yume Nikki β˜… Flash Games β˜… Lost Media β˜… Scratchin Melodii β˜… D4DJ!!!111 I LOVE HIIRO SO MUCB G4RGFSJHDSFJSKJ


The Paper Chase β˜… Weird AL β˜… S3RL β˜… Lemon Demon β˜… Will wood (and the tapeworms) β˜… The Crane Wives β˜… Rob Zombie β˜… Korn β˜… Chonny Jash β˜… Femtanyl β˜… Mitski β˜… Hop Along β˜… ICP β˜… OR30 β˜… Oingo Boingo β˜… Radiohead β˜… The Living Tombstone β˜… Glass Animals β˜… The Decemberist β˜… Spellcasting β˜… Nicopatty β˜… Vocaloid β˜… Toy-box β˜… Pavement β˜… goreshit β˜… wienners β˜… Mom β˜… That Handsome Devil β˜… Billy Cobb β˜… Black Dresses β˜… Caravan of Thieves β˜… The Scary Jokes β˜… Rio Romeo β˜… Falsettos (MY FAVORITE MUSICAL EVA????) β˜… Heathers β˜… Mean girls Musical β˜… HAMILTON!!!11!! β˜… They might be giants β˜… WEEZER, WEEZER WEEZER.


The lego movie (1 and 2) β˜… Lego Batman β˜… Michelle and the Machines β˜… Spidervese β˜… Scott Pilgrim VS the world β˜… (I don't watch a lot of movies)


OK KO: LET'S BE HEROES (my current hyperix), Spooky Month, South Park, Adventure time, Fionna and Cake, Mostly every cartoon network show, Villianous (pls does anyone like this show), Walten Files, Nyan neko sugar girls, unkitty, lucky star, invander zim, mlp, smiling friends, ENA, Inside Job, Bee and puppycat, wander over yonder <3


Dog man, Captain Underpants, Dork Diaries, Pendragon, and The Cucumber Quest, Sparklecare hospital espc sparklecare i fucking love that comic


they can never make me hate you jay fortune sparklecare they could never make me hate you larry brawl stars they could never make me hate you fink ok ko darrell , kuve , litterally ALL of my friends K.O, RAD, AND ENID!!11!! DRACO :333

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About me:

hey gang sorry if im gone for a long period of time i get rather busy and i forget i have a account sometimes hallo, my names r mosh, jay, fink & chara close CLOSE friends can call me by my deadname.. . . i'm just a dude on the internet doin sially things i'm a BIG undertale ok k.o enthusiasts I LVOE THESE THINGS!!! i'm a huge geek in my interest and taht shows... i'm scared around new people so sorry if i uh act akward ..i don't know what else to put here.. my roblox user is cookiesfordays10 3:!!11!! THIS IS LITTERALLY ME!! AHHH!! IF U EVEN CARE!! i have a lot of childish interest for some reason but i like really like to talk about them vro, i have big attachments to cartoons to!! I LOVE CARTOONS!! i will explode. slash jay i am a fictionkin!!!11!! thats why i have like 6 names.. uhm... anyway idrc who interacts as long as your not nasty or whatever. i hate weirdos vro. i really like to talk abt my oc's to, (escp my ok k.o oc's) you can go check them out on my toyhouse if u even car!!!11!! my profile changes a lot, i usually get bored of my layout once in a while so you might see my page morph a lil bit πŸ˜…πŸ™πŸ½ Free Palestine! 1 2 3 "voxman canon" we all say in unison , if only gay people were actually real <

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Who I'd like to meet:

i'm mostly very active on tiktok vro PEOPLE THAT LOVE/KNOW OK K.O!111!! I will send u a request immediately if i see a GLIMSPE of that show mentioned!1!1!1!1!1 SHOUTS thats like the main thing i LOVE to talk about vro, im also very into sparklecare hospital and undertale!!111 and also brawl stars.. (its all draco's, larry and laweries fault ((when will they ever come home))) but mostly people who ok k.o existances!!111!! I may be akward when u text me!!11 sorry i'll warm up to people soon ^.^

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mel / lampert :3

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HELLO SPARKLECARE FAN!!1!!!!1 (You also know some of my other intrersts holy SHAT!!! WOAW!!!!)

/e dance3

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I LOVE SPARKLECARE, you look sososososososoososos cool

/e cheer

by fink / moshbugs ⛀; ; Report

by mel / lampert :3; ; Report


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god i love seeing people who know what this show is fr!!11!!!!!!!11

by fink / moshbugs ⛀; ; Report

βš™οΈCemetery corpse

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OK FAN!?!?!

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YES!!!11 YES YES!!!!! i love that cartoon so MUCH11!!!

by fink / moshbugs ⛀; ; Report


by βš™οΈCemetery corpse; ; Report


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MAN I LOVE OK KO is one of my favorites cartoons!! BTW U LOOK VERY COOL

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ME TO!!!!!!! I LVOE IT SM!! THASNKS!! U LOOK VERY COOL TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by fink / moshbugs ⛀; ; Report

TY TY!!! maybe one day we can talk :3

by Ryanidi0t!; ; Report

YESYESS!!! I WOULD LOVE (sorry for the delay lol)

by Ryanidi0t!; ; Report

darrell :3

darrell :3's profile picture

does ur profile taste like hard apples

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what type of question is THIS!!

by fink / moshbugs ⛀; ; Report

yk what i mean.. or at least sour apples

by darrell :3; ; Report

whatever u imagine bro ✊🏽

by fink / moshbugs ⛀; ; Report