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"burnt out omg"

Hex - he/him, 16, :P

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very gay, very silly i like drawing!!!:D, music, gamin'(i loveeeeeee cyberpunk 2077)AAAA Splatoon and general Nintendo enjoyer :D Transformers LOVER!!! I love robots!! Certified cowboy 🤠 i act super cool but secretly I'm a huge nerd B) It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed!


mommy long legs,
Mitski, the front bottoms, Penelope Scott, AJJ, Jack Stauber, Lemon Demon, The Misfits Cheap Perfume, Destructo Disk, Mother Mother, AJR, Danzig, Gorillaz, Korn, Baby Guts, THICK, Cavetown, Ricky Montgomery, Beach Bunny, Mavis hall, TUYU, E ve, Ado, ZUTOMAYO, BIN, x0o0x_, syudou, Yorushika, IC3PEAK, Generation X, Vocaloid, Splatoon music lol, The Red Dead Redemption Album, Orville Peck, Queen, honestly my music taste is constantly evolving lol


anything studio ghibli but specifically: KIKIS DELIVERY SERVICE, Whisper of the heart, TOTORO, Castle in the sky, also howls moving castle and when Marnie was there, THE BATMAN 2022, Turning Red, Hellboy Movies (not the 2019 one), Pan's Labyrinth, The Labyrinth, Ghost Rider, Princess Arete, AKIRA, puss in boots 2, the Spiderverse films, Rise of the beast


Dead End Paranormal Park, daria, owl house, cotc, OFMD, critical role, the amazing world of gumball, adventure time, moomin valley, monster high, kipo, hilda, Transformers Prime, JJBA, WWDITS, bobs burgers, inside job, beast wars, transformers earthspark, tmnt 2012, fionna and cake


uzumaki, sparrow, Blue period, mortal engines books, DC comics especially Batman stuff, the manga equivalents of anime I like, The Hobbit, Splatoon Manga, Critical Role Comics, the adventure time encyclopaedia


Batman, gerard way, bob ross, matt mercer, sans undertale, markiplier

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weirdos! like, , gay and trans weirdos,, with agendas!!! /hj and also yknow. like cool people lol with the same interests as me :DD dni if ur over 19 pls :P why're u going out of ur way to befriend children on the internet bro O-o

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u have a rad taste in cartoons dude :D

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thanks :DDD you too !!

by ☆0hn0_H3xag0n☆; ; Report

clay!! x3

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super cool acc man glad u fudneded me, we totally need to talk in pms one day

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Thanksss!! And yeah, totally :D !

by ☆0hn0_H3xag0n☆; ; Report


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thx 4 the add !! ur profile is super cool btw :3

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:3333 thanks!!

by ☆0hn0_H3xag0n☆; ; Report


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hey, thanks for adding me!
i hope you have a nice day today

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:DDD thx !! you too! :3

by ☆0hn0_H3xag0n☆; ; Report


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luv ur profile!!! especially the genuine jedi patch!! :D

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thx !! :D

by ☆0hn0_H3xag0n☆; ; Report