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Indie games, obscure animals and plants, weather (especially weird and obscure ones), drawing, speculative evolution, colour variations in animals, cryptids and other spooky stuff
Indie game list: OCTAHEDRON, Worldless, HoB (Runic Games), Black Resin, Sayonara: Wild Hearts, COCOON (2023), Them's Fightin' Herds, NERVE (Gunfish Games), JUMPGRID, 140, THOTH, Mad Rat Dead, Dicey Dungeons, TY the Tasmanian Tiger


Genres: Chiptune, electro swing, a lot of EDM genres, video game music, orchestral music
Specific Artists: Chipzel, Dunderpatrullen, Camellia, T+pazolite, Two Steps from Hell


How to Train your Dragon


Monument Mythos, The Dragon Prince and Ena (Not really television series, but I guess it counts?)


Wings of Fire, some Shakespeare plays (specifically Twelfth Night and the Tempest), lots of factual books though.


OCTAHEDRON protagonist,, Edda and Aven (Worldless), Black Resin Protagonist, HoB protagonist, Rogue Player (HoB), several other obscure indie game characters, Viola (Twelfth Night), Ariel (The Tempest), Sunny (Wings of Fire)

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About me:

Hello, I'm OCTAfan, or just call me Octa. You can also call me Aven, Electra, Elve, Sprite or Lorelei if you want. I use they/it/he/she pronouns, as well as some neos. I'm aroace and Gendervoid/ Xenogender. Said Xenogender is manistatic, and I coined it myself! I am also a recently awaken alterhuman, specifically Thunder Manifestation Kin and thylacine hearted! I'm also a fictionkin of Aven from Worldless as well.
I am an artist, and usually doodle fanart and character/ creature designs. I also like obscure indie games, and basically weird and obscure stuff in general. I also really, REALLY like speculative evolution, and even have two alien species that I'm using for a WIP worldbuilding project (Spritelings and Greater Flowerblooms). I am also somewhat obsessed with colour variations and mutations in animals, and likes to learn about the genetics behind it.
Flight Rising: 598361 (OCTAfan)

Who I'd like to meet:

Fellow fans of obscure indie games, as well as people who like obscure stuff in general! Also other Alterhuman peeps!

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This is a cool page!

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Why thank you! I recently revamped how it looked.

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Hello pal :DDDD

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Hi!! :D

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Hi!! :D

by OCTAfan; ; Report