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i spend most of my time video gaming, but my hobbies also consist of photography, creating music, and tarot reading. i am absolutely obsessed with fiction horror podcasts, i love retro and nostalgic media and i also have a huge interest in psychological and cosmic horror.


malevolent, the magnus archives, welcome to nightvale, red valley

video games:

tetris, minesweeper, oneshot, portal, little nightmares, omori, minecraft, terriara, hollow knight, celeste,the stanley parable, night in the woods, stardew valley, overwatch, left 4 dead 2, slime rancher, purrgatory, project sekai, mysmes, life is strange, phasmophobia, papas freezeria, inside, dont starve, maniac mansion


overall genres consist of: breakbeat, dnb, electronic, alt-rock, rock, experimental, emo-rap, midwest emo, indie, indie-folk, and movie/video game osts


sewerperson, usedcvnt, inabakumori, crystal castles, kikuo, vivivivivi, imonster, ghost, mitski, mareux, radiohead, sign crushes motorist, the pillows, remo drive, deftones, the smiths, lemon demon, tally hall, will wood, hospital bracelet, mom jeans, crywank, the crane wives, mother mother, idkhow, flatsound, the front bottoms


within its nature
video game osts


studio ghibli films are essential to who i am as a person, as well as every other animated movie i have listed. when it comes to live-action; any sort of horror/thriller is my favorite to watch (especially if its shitty), also old movies with good cinematography cause... cool to look at


the last unicorn, howls moving castle, spirited away, totoro, ponyo, princess mononoke, kikis delivery service, castle in the sky, perfect blue, the secret of nimh, alice in wonderland, paprika, a silent voice, mary and the witches flower, spiderman into/across the spiderverse, promare, corpse bride, coraline, 9, the great mouse detective


the truman show, taxi driver, night at the museum, saw series, ghostbusters, jurassic park, beetlejuice, gremlins, everything everywhere all at once, back to the future


my favorite things to watch are late 90's - 2000's tv, give me anything that feels even remotely nostalgic and retro and it'll stick with me. im also a sucker for sci-fi/crime/horror shows.


flcl, madoka magica, nana, soul eater, erased, serial experiments lain, bocchi the rock, banana fish, no. 6, devilman crybaby, neon genesis evangelion, sonny boy, paranoia agent, haibene renmei, girls last tour, magical girl site, march comes in like a lion, cyberpunk: edgerunners, death parade, cowboy bebop, death note, steins; gate, kill la kill, k-on!


hannibal, doctor who, good omens, the x-files, loki, american horror story, mr. robot, black mirror, stranger things, goosebumps, the twilight zone


over the garden wall, gravity falls, scooby-doo, courage the cowardly dog, ruby gloom, the pink panther


you can find me mostly reading lovecraftian horror, mystery and dystopian/sci-fi books (though not many listed since most of them are short stories), as well as queer romance. i dont read manga very often but when i do its either girls kissing or demons kissing, sometimes in-between.


the guy she was interested in wasn't a guy at all, tamen de gushi, bloom into you, chainsaw man, soul eater, goodnight punpun


the book thief, the song of achillies, good omens, the spirit bares its teeth, last night at the telegraph club, magpie murders, farenheight 451, tender is the flesh, fruiting bodies, the alchemist, the house in the cerulean sea, the yellow king, the lunar chronicles, narnia series


the picture of dorian gray - oscar wilde, metamorphosis - franz kafka, the ball jar - sylvia plath


hatsune miku.

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im looking for friends around my age with similar interests to mine (podcast enjoyers add me im begging) please dont be scared to message me i would be happy to talk <3
note that if we don't have much in common with each other or if you're drastically older/younger than me i will likely not accept !

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profile picture: @machuuu68 on twt
audio: mild by trushinitas

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ty for adding me back!!! you seem so cool fr... i love your layout sm :3

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im so dumb lmao i said 'adding me back' but uou were the one who added me.. lol

by rue; ; Report

LOL of course and thank you so much <33 I actually used to use the same profile picture as you so I couldn't not add you, and we also share a lot of interests !! lovely to have u as a friend :))

by noki; ; Report

ohh thats so cool! i havent changed profile pic since forever lol, i love it but my current layout doesnt match my current style at all... i need to change it but idk to what lol, but yeah its super cool that we have a lot of interests!! i also listen to crywank and the pillows from time to time too :3

by rue; ; Report

avery ☆

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YEAAAHHH fellow red valley enjoyer!! ya love to see it

by noki; ; Report


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tysm for the add! i love your profile ,, your layout is amazing !!

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of course! thank you so much im glad you like it, i also really like yours!! i really appreciate the comment :)

by noki; ; Report