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19 ♬ transmasc ♫ he/xe/vamp + other neos

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streaming ♫ voice acting ♬ vtuber creation process ♫ gaming ♬ the horror genre ♫ cooking/baking ♬ plushies ♫ art (sometimes, v bad at it tho) ♬ reading a shit ton of lgbt (mostly bl) stories


Milgram ♩ Given ♪ Sodikken ♩ Mitski ♪ Jazmin Bean ♩ Melanie Martinez ♪ Ghost and Pals ♩ Guchiry ♪ Get Scared ♩ Set It Off ♪ + many more!


The Legend of Zelda ♬ FNaF ♫ Pokémon ♬ Sally Face ♫ Danganronpa ♬ Omori ♫ Genshit ♬ ACNH ♫ Pjsekai ♬ Enstars ♫ Hypmic


Sk8 the Infinity ♪ Sasaki to Miyano ♩ Vanitas no Carte ♪ Another ♩ Given ♪ Chainsaw Man ♩ Buddy Daddies ♪ Demon Slayer ♩ Akudama Drive ♪ From the Red Fog ♩ Tokyo Ghoul ♪ Banana Fish ♩ & many others!


Sharks ♫ Jellyfish ♬ Cats


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About me:

Hihi! ♬ I'm Ray! Feel free to dm me here, or add me on discord, vyxtince is my user! About me/profile is a wip, more info to come soon!

Who I'd like to meet:

People around my age who share the same interests as me! Tbh I'd love to meet just about anyone tho, especially those who would ramble to me about their interests bc infodumps are so >>>>

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/ᐠ - ˕ -マ spica ☆

/ᐠ - ˕ -マ spica ☆'s profile picture

jyushi pfp omg haii

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Lmao hiii

by Ray ♪; ; Report


2744's profile picture

same as friend below I saw jyushi and instantly sent a req lol luv hypmic :-3

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You're so real for that

by Ray ♪; ; Report

⋆˚࿔ van 𝜗𝜚˚⋆

⋆˚࿔ van 𝜗𝜚˚⋆'s profile picture

tysm for the add !! ^^ i saw jyushi in ur pfgp and had to send a rq lol :P

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Lmaoo fair tbh, you seem super cool tho so I was def happy to accept the frq!!! :D

by Ray ♪; ; Report

beanie! :D

beanie! :D's profile picture

thx for the add nya ~~ You have a lot of cool interests :)

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Ty!! You've got a lot of cool interests too, you seem so cool!! :D

by Ray ♪; ; Report


Z's profile picture

I love the layout, it matches so well with everything! Also love the pfp! <3

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Ty!!! I still have to fill in all the other info but I love this layout sm fr, even if it's a bit eye-strainy

by Ray ♪; ; Report